ArtPublic to Showcase Mural Submissions for Anchor Tenant's New Space at Re-Envisioned City Place


Images courtesy of Sumako Sozdatel. 

As the multi-million dollar makeover of City Place begins to take shape, with Perkowitz + Ruth Studio’s space as the anchor tenant coming along quite quickly, the firm and local arts advocate Sumako Sozdatel released a call to artists in July.


"As part of bringing original visual artwork to their new offices, P+R Architects are seeking artists to design and install site specific, original mural artwork that is in alignment with the visual aesthetics of their new space and the urban-life focus of their work,” the announcement stated. 

Now, in an exciting showcase of the local artistic talent that does not lie dormant in Long Beach, a public art preview of those who submitted their work will take place on Thursday, August 25 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at the Expo Arts Center.

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“My primary intention is to connect artists with these opportunities, connect the developers and the architects with the artists,” said Sozdatel. “And focus largely on local artists in the community. To me that’s really important.”

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Image of one of the walls to be painted.

And important to P + R Studio, as well, who also claims Long Beach-based Studio One Eleven as a subsidiary, the company that re-envisioned the entirety of City Place as a livelier and relevant mixed-use facility, a four-year project in the making.

Sozdatel, who worked with P + R to bring Long Beach artists on board to cover their interior offices with stand-out murals, says not only will the upcoming exhibition showcase what’s to come, but in-progress videos and documentation will be released as the artists work, with a grand opening of the site-specific installations to be scheduled upon completion.

For more details on ArtPublic: Mural Artist Preview, visit the Facebook event page here

For artists still interested in submitting their work, last-minute entries turned in on Wednesday, August 24 at the latest will still be considered. Click here to access the submission form. Please make sure to contact Sumako Sozdatel by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 562.760.9930 before bringing in your submission.

The Expo Arts Center is located at 4321 Atlantic Avenue.

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