37 Police Recruits Graduate from Long Beach Police Academy

 lbpd 89

Photo courtesy of the LBPD.

The Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) graduated 37 recruits on Thursday, following nearly 26 weeks of intense academic, physical and practical training, officials announced today.

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The graduation ceremony was held Thursday, September 22 at the Terrace Theater in the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

Officials stated the recruits trained in patrol procedures and law enforcement tactics, firearms training, weaponless defense, criminal law, vehicle operations, community oriented public safety, persons with mental health disabilities, and cultural diversity/human relations.

“Class #89 is [a] group [that] brings to the department a wide range of talents from a variety of backgrounds,” officials said in a statement. “The Long Beach Police Department congratulates the graduates and wishes them continued success in their future careers as law enforcement officers.”

The graduating class included the following officers for the LBPD:

  • Officer Milton Albright
  • Officer Keyen Foley
  • Officer Bryan Pasion
  • Officer Elaina Alvarez
  • Officer Jeffrey Garcia
  • Officer Gustavo Rangel
  • Officer Jacob Armstrong
  • Officer Daniel Gibson
  • Officer Rudy Rodriguez
  • Officer Hansel Batres
  • Officer Richard Gonzales
  • Officer Kenneth Ruedas
  • Officer Nicholas Becerra
  • Officer Jason Hampton
  • Officer Maxwell Schroeder
  • Officer Matthew Blair
  • Officer David Kasowski
  • Officer Marshall Silva
  • Officer Christopher Castillo
  • Officer Trevor Larson
  • Officer Andre Spencer
  • Officer Candace Cleverly
  • Officer Kristopher Lee
  • Officer Chad Stolzberg
  • Officer Leonard Compton
  • Officer Michael Manusselis
  • Officer Jeff Vandemoortel
  • Officer Michael Couty
  • Officer Daniel Mazzoni
  • Officer Jeremy Van Dyk
  • Officer Austin Craig
  • Officer Thomas Montijo
  • Officer Ashley Van Holland
  • Officer Alex De La Torre
  • Officer Kimo Napohaku
  • Officer Eddie Diaz
  • Officer Vincent Nguyenlieu

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