Facebook Post Threatening Shooting at Cal State University Campus Determined to be Unsubstantiated

A threat posted on Facebook by a person claiming a shooting would happen at a Cal State University campus was determined to be unsubstantiated after officers with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), CSU East Bay and CSU Long Beach investigated the report, CSU authorities said.

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CSU officials were made aware of the Facebook post when they received a phone call at the Chancellor’s Office on Wednesday, November 30, according to spokeswoman Toni Molle.

“The caller reported that he saw a threat on Facebook,” Molle said in an email. “The Facebook post claimed a shooting would occur on the campus of a ‘CSU near Venice’.”

Officials then notified CSULB and the CSULB Police Department then worked with the CSU East Bay Police Department, as well as the Pacific Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), she said. The agencies then determined there was no threat to public safety.

“California State University takes the safety of our students and campus community very seriously and considers any threat of utmost concern,” Molle said.

CSULBPD officials believe the Facebook account had been hacked and the threatening post was made in an effort to scare the owner by having a tactical law enforcement respond to the owner’s home, according to a bulletin posted on the CSULB website yesterday.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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