Baby Girl Safely Surrendered at Long Beach Hospital Tuesday, Marking First Surrender of the Year

A baby girl was safely surrendered at a Long Beach hospital on Tuesday, marking the first safe surrender in the county in 2017, according to the office of County Supervisor Janice Hahn.

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“Because of the Safe Surrender program, this child can become a part of a loving family that is ready and able to give her what she needs to grow up happy and healthy,” said Supervisor Hahn. “This program saves lives and we must continue to raise awareness so that any mother in LA County knows that she can get her baby to safe hands safely, securely, and anonymously.”

The baby’s surrender also marks the 151st surrender since the program was started by Hahn’s predecessor, Supervisor Don Knabe.

Under the Safe Surrender law, parents or guardians may leave a baby three days old or younger with an employee at any county hospital or fire station, no questions asked, according to a release from Hahn’s office. They will not face arrest or prosecution for child abandonment.

“After a complete medical exam, babies that have been surrendered will be placed in a safe and loving home and the adoption process will begin,” the release stated.

For more information on Safe Surrender click here.

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