The Long Beach Fish Grill – GOOD Fast Food

As readers know, I hate soulless corporate food mills. I try to live by this rule, so this excludes 80% of all the eateries we encounter on a daily basis (think arches, star, etc). This is especially hard when I don’t have time for a nice sit-down meal.

I have an answer for you – the Long Beach Fish Grill. This small, exceptionally clean and polished little restaurant is the perfect answer when you want a quick meal to it in or take out.

Still relatively new to Long Beach, this little gem produces very high quality food – even healthy food if you so desire – for a very reasonable price.

If you’re like me and you love fried fish, the LB Fish Grill has a wide assortment of fresh seafood that can be fried up to order. Their fish tacos are especially good. They are quite large and served with a delicious sauce.

But unlike many (most?) quick service fish restaurants, the LB Fish Grill also has a ride variety of fresh fish and shrimp that are available grilled – for those who prefer more health conscious fare. My last visit, the list included red snapper, halibut, salmon, trout, shrimp and many more. Each of these entrees is served with rice or fries and cold slaw. All are reasonably priced and can be prepared three different ways: garlic butter, Cajun or teriyaki. I prefer to taste my fish so I usually go for the simple garlic butter, but I have tasted the Cajun sauce and it is delicious. Just don’t plan on breathing on anyone for a while after eating it.

The LB Fish Grill has a number of side orders available – including grilled zucchini, asparagus, and Portobello mushrooms – and salads. They also have select but nice selections of beer and wine. The décor is simple – a few tables and an impressive aquarium with live corals, but it’s a nice place for a quick bite. Everything is also available to go.

So when you don’t feel like cooking – but want something more than the arches or star can offer – give the LB Fish Grill a try!

Long Beach Fish Grill
1201 Redondo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 986-6900

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