Compton Sewage Spill Closes Long Beach's Coast

11:00am | Yesterday, a sewage spill in Compton flowed into the Los Angeles River, and City of Long Beach Acting Health Officer, Dr. Mauro Torno, has ordered all open coastal beaches closed. This is a similar case to the Studio City spill of last year and Burbank spill in 2010, each effectively shutting down the coastal areas of Long Beach.

Though not as severe as the previously mentioned spills, the spill is estimated at 12,000 gallons and was due to a blocked sewer line; it was reported to Compton Public Works Department yesterday.  The Los Angeles River ends in Long Beach, where beaches will remain closed until the Long Beach Health Department testing indicates the water is safe to swim.  For the latest status on Long Beach recreational beach water quality, call the Water Hotline at 562.570.4199 or visit at

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