City Council to Address Hayden Law Cuts

10:45am | Late last month, Governor Jerry Brown stirred up massive controversy over a proposal to roll-back major portions of SB1785, or what is commonly known as the Hayden Law. Passed in 1998 and named after its main drafter, former state senator and professor of animal law at UCLA Tom Hayden, the bill significantly altered the way in which animal shelters operated and euthanized animals. Pointedly under attack by both animal lovers and many cities within the provisional roll-back are its altering of euthanasia policies -- specifically the fact that any animal can be euthanized within 72 hours whether the shelter was open to the public or not, an action was that was exempt under the Hayden Law in order to provide animal owners proper time to find their lost pets.

Following the similar action taken on by the Los Angeles County Supervisors and coinciding with the Los Angeles City Council, a supplemental agenda item for this Tuesday's council meeting has been added by Councilmember O'Donnell with Councilmember Neal and Vice Mayor Lowenthal signed on. They are recommending a request to Long Beach City Attorney, Robert Shannon, to draft a resolution on behalf of the City of Long Beach to oppose any cuts, repeal and/or reduction of the Hayden Law brought forward by the Governor.

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