UPDATE  |  Vice-Mayor Suja Lowenthal, who represents the second City Council district, where the Breakers is located, has responded to the news that residents at the senior care facility housed in the historic building were given a 60-day notice to vacate on Monday.

“I was disappointed to hear the news from one of our residents at the Breakers,” Lowenthal told the Post. “Our seniors deserve better than this. Unfortunately, the City has very little jurisdiction in this matter because it’s a private dispute between tenants and a new landlord. However, I’ve asked Solid Landings to meet with city staff and my office to learn more about their future plans for the building. We’ll see where we are after that meeting. They still have the opportunity to do right by the residents.”

Mayor Robert Garcia also responded to residents’ concerns via a comment from his official Facebook page on the Long Beach Post‘s Facebook page.

“I am as disgusted by this action as all of you are,” Garcia wrote. “I will have more to say on this important issue after a briefing with our city team tomorrow.”

7:29PM  |  A representative for Solid Landings has confirmed that a lease has been signed between the company and the current owners of the historic Breakers building in Downtown Long Beach.

“We were recently informed that the current leaseholder has given notice to his tenants that he is retiring and rescinding his license,” Jemellee Ambrose, a spokesperson for Solid Landings, told the Post. “We hope that all current tenants find the appropriate accommodations to meet their needs, and we will assist as we can. We are continuing to examine our options and look forward to working with the City and local community to develop a new, revitalized Breakers of Long Beach.”

Solid Landings is a private, for-profit company located in Costa Mesa, which operates rehabilitation facilities offering gender-specific recovery plans for those suffering from addiction.

5:38PM  |  Residents of the Breakers in Long Beach were given a 60-day notice to vacate the premises on Monday, according to Maggie Macklin, president of the Breakers Residents Council.

The notice, which follows the revocation of the Breakers’ license as a senior care facility earlier this month, informs residents they must leave the Breakers within 60 days and offers references to other area senior care centers.

breakers-letter-3.30.15-smallThe Long Beach Post has obtained an image of the letter, pictured left (click for a larger image).

“This letter is to inform you of our Closure Plan pursuant to the applicable codes and statutes of the State of California due to the relinquishment of the facility license with all reasonable steps taken for transfer of residents and minimization of trauma,” reads the letter, signed by current Breakers’ owner Bernard Rosenson. “This serves as a written 60-day notice to move out for you and your responsible party. We are here to help you in any way we can.”

The letter continues with a list of senior care facilities within a 60-mile radius, a list of referral agencies and information about past fees.

Macklin said in an interview with the Post that social services will hold an informative meeting at the Breakers on Thursday at 2:00PM, and afterwards, the Breakers Residents Council plans to rally.

“This whole thing has been handled so unprofessionally,” Macklin said. “We first heard about this six weeks ago, and now we get a 60-day notice. Why were we kept in the dark for so long? What would happen if we don’t pay the remaining two months’ rent? Will Mr. Rosenson take 80 residents to court?”

It is unclear if plans for a sober living facility at the Breakers are going through. Both City Council members and Long Beach Development Services have said it is not a permitted or welcomed use of the building.

Multiple sources confirmed a meeting was held last month at the Breakers between the building’s residents, Rosenson and a company called Solid Landings, which offers gender-specific recovery plans for those suffering from addiction.

According to a careers page on Solid Landings’ website, three job positions are available at a Long Beach location for the company, but it does not disclose a specific address.

The Post has reached out to Solid Landings regarding further information on a Long Beach location, and will post updates as we learn more.