City Council Votes Against Acquiring Belmont Shore Home For Parking Lot


The home next to the one that was saved by City Council's vote. Photo by Jason Ruiz

The Long Beach City Council voted last week to abandon a contentious plan to purchase a Belmont Shore residence with intentions of turning it into a parking lot.

Homes neighboring the one in question, located at 205 LaVerne Avenue, directly behind Simmzy’s restaurant, have been plastered with signs and literature encouraging people to take up their cause and save the century-old, hacienda-style home from becoming parking spaces for Second Street patrons. Neighbors showed solidarity by displaying signs in their windows reading “Save Our Shore Homes” and a Facebook page was created to update people on the proceedings.

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When acting City Attorney Charles Parkin announced Tuesday that during a closed session, councilmembers had voted 7-0 against purchasing the residence-for an estimated $800,000, the contingent of “Save Our Shore Home” were elated.

The plan was to demolish the home and turn it into a parking lot which could serve up to eight commuters visiting the part of town that is notorious for parking shortages. However, the issue was just one of many that residents have been at odds with the city regarding nuisances created by surrounding businesses and the impact on parking of the popular and tightly packed tourist destination.

“I look forward to working with residents, the Belmont Shore Parking Commission and city staff to analyze other alternatives toward improving the parking situation in Belmont Shore,” 3rd District Councilmember Gary DeLong told the Press-Telegram.

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