Long Beach Transit Introduces Major Time-Saver: Next Bus Times via Text

LBTLogoLong Beach Transit (LBT) announced today the launch of its brand new texting feature, a technology that will streamline the process of finding out next bus times for the convenience of all Long Beach bus patrons. Those with the ability to text can now receive next bus times at the drop of a hat and the dialing of a few key numerals.

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Although many of us seem to live in a world inundated solely with smartphones and apps, LBT’s texting feature is relevant not just to those with the ability to tweet, but to those in the community who rely on a basic cellphone. The customer just needs to be able to text to receive next bus times.

bustext2“There are a number of technology upgrades we will be accomplishing in the next couple of years for our customers,” said Kenneth McDonald, LBT’s President and CEO, in a statement. “This texting feature was at the top of the list, because it empowers a great number of our customers.”

To receive the bus times, a patron can simply text “LBT” followed by their bus stop ID number to 27299. For example, for bus stop 0505, customers will text LBT0505 to the aforementioned number to immediately receive results for the next bus times of that specific stop.

bustext1If a customer is at a bus stop with multiple routes and wants results for only one route, they can text the above information, plus a space, then the route number (for example: LBT0505 46). LBT’s bus stop ID numbers are located at the bottom right of the bus route signs.

“I’m proud of Long Beach Transit for its continued modernization of our public transit system,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a statement. “Texting for next bus times will improve the transit experience for so many of our residents. I’m looking forward to more tech innovations from LBT.”

LBT is in the early stages of developing a new website and a transit travel planning mobile application, according to the release, while next on the docket is a 10-bus fleet of zero-emission battery electric buses set to be introduced next year in the fall.

For more information about LBT, visit the Facebook page here or the website here

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