Councilwoman Mungo to Introduce “Ernie and Jackie Kell Neighborhood Library” Proposal • Long Beach Post


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Long Beach City Councilwoman Stacy Mungo has introduced an agenda item for tonight’s city council meeting that would begin the process of renaming the El Dorado Library after the city’s first directly elected mayor, Ernie Kell, who passed away in April at age 88. He spent almost 40 years in public service.

“The Kells’ love for Long Beach was inspiring and their passion for helping others is an example for anyone involved in public service,” Councilwoman Stacy Mungo said in a statement. “Together, Mayor Kell and Councilwoman Kell leave a great legacy of leadership that has paved the way for our city to grow and develop into what it is today.”


Mungo’s proposal will begin the process of community outreach to gather public input on renaming a city-owned facility. Long Beach residents will be able to weigh in on the Kells’ legacy and the community they helped to build over the course of their service to Long Beach. Similar measures have been enacted by the city in the past, including renaming the Terrace Theater after former Mayor Beverly O’Neill.

“During his tenure as mayor, Ernie was regarded as a consensus builder that put others first,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement. “Naming a library that serves so many of our residents is fitting for this couple that has done so much for the city.”

If approved by city council tonight, the proposal will move to the Housing and Neighborhoods Committee for further consideration, and the Library Services Department and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine will be required to conduct further outreach around the renaming of the library, according to the announcement.

Consideration of final approval would be slated for a council meeting later this year in the Fifth District where residents and neighbors would be able to attend and provide public comment.

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