LBPD Release Safety Tips for Summer Break, High School Graduation Celebrations


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School's out for summer and the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) would like to remind all high schoolers especially that the consequences of celebrating irresponsibly are numerous.

A hefty congratulations are in order for all those graduating this week and starting a new chapter of their lives, and for those simply stepping up a grade. But please, please be safe.

The LBPD is strongly encouraging graduates and their families and friends to plan their celebrations with the potential consequences of underage drinking in mind. Impaired judgement, lack of physical coordination, ignored morals and values, increased vulnerability and a higher chance of committing or becoming a victim of a crime may result from drinking irresponsibly, according to a release issued Monday. 

Parents and youth are also reminded that the city's curfew law will be strictly enforced. According to the LBPD, Section 9.58.010 of the Long Beach Municipal Code states: "It is unlawful for any minor under the age of eighteen years to remain in or upon any 'public space' as defined in Section 9.02.090, between the hours of 10:00PM until 6:00AM the following day."

The LBPD takes curfew violations seriously in an effort to protect the city's children and youth.

The release states, "Our experience has shown us that children who are on the street after curfew are more likely to become victims of violent crime, and also are more likely to become involved in criminal behavior."

The following tips released by the LBPD are recommended for everyone's safety on the street:

• Do not make it obvious that you have an iPod, cell phone, or other electronic device
• Whenever possible, avoid using your electronic device on the street
• Don’t display your valuables in public (money, jewelry, etc.)
• Always be alert and aware of your surroundings and the people around you
• Stay in well-lit areas as much as possible
• Places that make you vulnerable include dark parking lots, walkways, alleyways and restrooms
• If you feel someone is following you, move to a well-populated area
• Travel with a friend; there is safety in numbers
• Walk close to the curb and avoid doorways, bushes, and alleys where someone could hide
• Report suspicious activity immediately by calling 9-1-1

Throughout the summer, the City of Long Beach is offering a variety of summer programs, activities and classes for youth of all ages through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine. To learn more about these programs, click here.

For youth employment opportunities through the city's "Hire-A-Youth" Program, visit the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network website here.


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