Former Long Beach Business Operator Arrested in Mexico for 1997 Murder of NorCal Competitor


ruben lopez ramirezOne of the former operators of a Long Beach-based custom car parts business was recently arrested in Mexico in connection to the 1997 contract killing of a Northern California competitor, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced on Thursday.

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Ruben Lopez Ramirez, a Mexican national, was tracked in recent months to the Guadalajara area by FBI agents in Mexico, officials said, and was subsequently arrested by Mexican law enforcement on Thursday, October 15.

Ruben and his brother David Lopez Ramirez—operators of Red’s Hydraulics in Long Beach—have been wanted by the FBI since 1997 for allegedly ordering the murder of 60-year-old Leonard Miller.

Miller was one of the owners of Low Rider Hydraulics in San Jose, which was in fierce competition with Red’s Hydraulics in the lucrative custom-lowrider car parts supply industry, FBI officials said.

According to investigators, David and Ruben allegedly ordered three members of the Mexican Mafia to murder Miller. All three were charged and found guilty of the murder. The brothers fled.

The case has been featured on the television series America’s Most Wanted numerous times.

Ruben will be prosecuted and tried in Mexico for his alleged crimes committed in the United States, officials said.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of David, who remains a fugitive wanted by the FBI.

The FBI continues to work with local law enforcement to apprehend violent criminals charged with state crimes who then flee the jurisdiction interstate or internationally.

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