Video Released by Attorneys for Family of Man Fatally Shot by Sheriff’s Deputies in Long Beach

Footage Released by Attorneys for Family of Man Fatally Shot b...

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENTAttorneys representing the family of a Long Beach man who was fatally shot by L.A. Sheriff’s deputies in 2014 have released a video showing part of the incident, including the deputies treating to kill the man, restraining him and shooting him in the back. Read more:

Posted by Long Beach Post on Monday, December 21, 2015

Attorneys representing the family of a Long Beach man who was fatally shot by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) deputies in 2014 have released a video showing part of the incident, including both deputies discharging their weapons while physically restraining the man.

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The graphic video shows the deputies—identified as Albert Murad and Jose Ruiz—on top of 23-year-old Noel Aguilar as they attempt to restrain him. One of the deputies is heard on the video telling Aguilar "you f*cking move and I'll kill you, b*tch."

At one point Aguilar tries to escape their hold, at which time one of the deputies grabs a nearby gun from the floor and accidentally shoots his partner.

Shortly after, both deputies shoot at Aguilar and strike him multiple times, including the back of his neck, upper back, back of mid chest, right thigh, left arm and left shoulder, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed in April 2015.

“It’s basically an execution of Noel Aguilar," said Angel Carrazco, who is representing the family. “They don't follow any of the procedures.”

According to authorities, on May 26, 2014, the deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Aguilar who was riding his bike on Long Beach Boulevard in Long Beach, near the Compton border.

Aguilar ditched his bike and ran northbound on Long Beach Boulevard, through a dead-end alley east of the 6900 block of Long Beach Boulevard, attorneys said.

LASD officials previously stated that Aguilar attempted to take one of the deputies' hand guns, prompting both deputies to fire their own weapons into the suspect's back. Authorities claim Aguilar was in possession of a firearm, which Carrazco alleges was planted by the deputies.

“We believe he didn't even have a gun,” Carrazco said. “He didn't even know these guys were trying to find a gun right there to cite him.”

One of the attorneys from the law firm representing the family was recently given the video from an anonymous witness during a civil rights protest, according to Carrazco.

Attorneys released the video on Friday, December 18 as part of the lawsuit’s requirements to disclose evidence. Carrazco said Monday that the county’s defense attorneys mailed out a list of witnesses as part of their evidence.

The lawsuit names Aguilar’s daughter—who is just over a year old—and his mother, Elvia Aguilar, as the plaintiffs.

The defendants include the County of Los Angeles, Murad and Ruiz, as well as seven unnamed deputies for their indirect roles in the incident.

Carrazco said he has not yet come up with a dollar amount he plans to seek as part of compensatory and punitive damages.

The lawsuit claims unreasonable detention and arrest, excessive force, denial of medical care, interference with familial relationships, and wrongful death.

It also claims unconstitutional custom, practice or policies by LASD, alleging that Murad and Ruiz were associated with or influenced by principles of a certain group or "gang" of deputies known to use excessive force.

“Deputies belonging to these criminal and violent 'sheriff gangs' were and are encouraged to use excessive force, including deadly force, against citizens,” the lawsuit states.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs filed a claim for damages with the county in November 2014, which was denied a month later. In addition, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office did not file criminal charges against the deputies.

“Our goal is that they get prosecuted, Carrazco said. “The biggest difference for the family—the money helps—but it's really prosecution.”

Both deputies are currently working patrol operations, according to LASD spokeswoman Nicole Nishida, who also stated that an internal investigation was completed and will be presented to the LASD’s Executive Force Review Committee in January.

“The Sheriff’s Department takes all deputy-involved shootings seriously,” officials stated. “Homicide investigators did obtain cell phone video of the incident, however, that is only one piece of evidence in the investigation.”

Anyone with additional information about this case, including video evidence, is encouraged to contact Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at 323.890.5500.

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