Multiple Citations Issued During Alcohol-related Undercover Operations


Multiple citations were issued over the weekend when the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) conducted two separate alcohol-related sting operations throughout the city, authorities announced Tuesday.

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The department’s Vice Investigations Section partnered with investigators with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control on Saturday, March 12 to take part in a statewide “Shoulder Tap” operation and an “ABC IMPACT Inspection” operation, officials stated on Facebook.

The operations were conducted at the same time but at different locations throughout the city, LBPD spokeswoman Marlene Arrona said. None of the randomly selected locations were duplicated, she added.

Five citations were issued during the Shoulder Tap operation, LBPD officials reported.

Four of those citations were issued to individuals for furnishing alcohol to minors and one citation was issued to a store for selling alcohol to a minor. A total of five stores were investigated, during which detectives used a decoy to attempt to purchase alcohol.

“Too many young people have been killed or injured in driving under the influence of alcohol crashes and other alcohol-related incidents,” LBPD officials stated. “This operation was conducted throughout California in an effort to keep alcohol out of the hands of those who are not legally old enough to consume alcohol and hold accountable any person who agrees to purchase for minors.”

Authorities said 12 businesses were checked for compliance of alcohol sales and educated regarding any non-compliance issues during the “ABC IMPACT Inspection,” which included multiple types of licensed establishments that sell alcohol, such as restaurants, bars, liquor stores, convenience stores and grocery stores.

None of the establishments were cited, though several warnings were given for minor violations, such as missing signage, officials stated.

“These operations are conducted with the community’s safety in mind,” authorities stated. “LBPD will continue to enforce ABC laws at all establishments throughout the city and wants to remind everyone that there are consequences for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

Anyone wishing to report illegal behavior related to the unlawful sale of alcohol or ABC law violations should contact the Vice Investigations Section at 562.570.7219.


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