Long Beach City Prosecutor to Consider Filing Charges in Cal State Long Beach Knife Incident

The Long Beach Police Department has presented a case to the city prosecutor’s office involving a Cal State Long Beach student who flashed a knife during a sociology class in February, authorities told the Post this week. 

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The case was presented to the Long Beach Prosecutor’s Office on March 23 for filing consideration, LBPD spokeswoman Marlene Arrona said on Monday.

The Long Beach Prosecutor’s Office has not responded to the Post’s multiple requests for comments since Monday.

CSULB’s Office of Student Conduct recently concluded their own investigation on the incident, university spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp told the Post on Wednesday.

Uhlenkamp said “an appropriate action has been taken” by the office, though he could not share specifics about student discipline due to federal student privacy laws.

In addition, CSULB President Jane Close Conoley confirmed late last week that the student was no longer employed by the university. He was working as a community service officer, whose duties include escorting students to vehicles or buildings and patrolling the campus. That action is not related to the disciplinary action taken by the Office of Student Conduct, Uhlenkamp said.

The reported incident happened on Thursday, February 25 during a sociology class, according to officials. The professor allegedly perceived a threat when the male student was seen holding a small knife measuring 2.2 inches and asked the student to leave, which he did. Sociology students reported on social media that the male student allegedly flashed the knife in front of a black female student during a discussion.

During a university-led forum on March 11, university police said the male student was a relative of a personnel from the university police department and that the student was a community service officer. Officials later stated that the student was also of mixed black and white race.




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