Uber Driver Stabbed in Back Calls 911 After Dropping off Passengers in Long Beach

flux barAn Uber driver was stabbed in the back after a brawl broke out in his attempt to pick up passengers from a Bellflower bar, according to authorities.

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The incident happened Saturday, May 21 at the Flux Bar, located at 17817 Lakewood Boulevard, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Eric Lindblom.

Authorities said at about 2:15AM the driver arrived at the bar, got out of his car and opened the door for his passengers, two males and two females.

Soon after, several men exited the bar and began arguing with the passengers and then started attacking them, the lieutenant said.

When the Uber driver tried to get back in the vehicle, he was attacked by one of the men, said Lindblom.

Thinking at first he was punched, the driver later discovered the pain in his back was a stab wound, according to the lieutenant.

The driver dropped off his passengers in Long Beach then called 9-1-1, the lieutenant said.

The suspect was identified only as a Hispanic male.

According to a woman identifying herself on Facebook as one of the owners of the bar, the fight took place down the street and spilled into the bar’s lot where some of the establishment’s customers were still waiting for their rides.


“An Uber driver got out of his car amidst the fight,” owner Mel Smitty said. “And one of our customers attempted to be a peacemaker and break up the fight. Unfortunately he and the Uber driver were stabbed.”


Smitty said the combative individuals were never in the Flux and the only involvement from customers were them attempting to stop the fight. She said she was grieved that people are so violent nowadays and plans to enhance measures to protect customers.


“We have a great clientele who are fun-loving and I plan on taking steps to protect them and ensure their safety,” she said.


Above, left: Photo courtesy of Flux Bar's Facebook page. 


City News Service contributed to this report. 


The story was updated on Tuesday, May 24 at 2:42PM with a statement from the bar's owner.

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