For cinephiles and avid TV consumers, the months-long Hollywood writer strikes spelled impending doom for beloved shows and movies as the entertainment industry came to a grinding halt.

There was the possibility that actors like Bella Ramsey—known for her role as Ellie in “The Last of Us”—could age out her iconic role. For the writers themselves, it was a fight for a livable wage.

Fortunately, the Writers Guild of America’s impending agreement could serve as a beacon of hope, ultimately paving the way for SAG-AFTRA to also secure an agreement.

But the strikes ultimately dragged on for months as the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers failed to reach agreements with the writers and actors unions.

On this episode of “The Word with Jackie Rae,” author, screenwriter, and Long Beach resident Raqiyah Mays discusses the challenges posed by the WGA strike and the necessity of this labor action. She also dives deep into her background in journalism, her childhood desire to write, and more.

“The strike was really about standing up to the bullies, you know, making sure that we get a piece of the billions and billions of dollars that the studios are actually making,” Mays said. “And it’s unfortunate that the strike had to go what, five months and a deal was made in three days? That’s ridiculous.”

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