This week on The Word on Long Beach: Fathers find a resource that allows them to open up. And, a local dentist’s office helps an exonerated man brighten his smile as he transitions back into society.

1:13 – When starting a family, most parents will admit they are not sure what to do.  Some may read books, some will take classes, and others will just default to how they were raised.  There is a benefit to each method, however, classes for women and couples are a little easier to find.  Classes that specifically address the different nuances that come with fatherhood are a little more difficult.

Long Beach is working to change that through a program called the Fundamentals for Fatherhood program.  It is a 10-week class that meets via zoom and is free and you can find out more by visiting the website here.

23:47 – Zedrick Turnbough was exonerated after spending two years in prison.  Now that he is getting his life back on track, the After Innocence program is helping to make sure he has everything he needs for a successful transition, including a confident smile. If you would like to make sure those who are transitioning back into society have the support they need and want to know more about the After Innocence project you can find them online here.