Police are searching for three men involved in an attack last week of a Long Beach high school student who sustained cuts and bruises.

Graviela Estrada, a 16-year-old Jordan High School student, told police that she was walking near the 6100 block of Long Beach Boulevard in North Long Beach when she was approached by a black car occupied with three assailants. One of the men got out of the car, tackled Estrada, physically assaulted her and attempted to take her jewelry.

When police made contact with Estrada at approximately 3:36 p.m., shortly after the attack, all three assailants had fled the scene in a black four-door sedan.

Estrada told ABC7 that she was walking to get picked up by her mother after school when she noticed the car following her. “I noticed a black car, tinted windows, was right behind me, and a guy was following me too,” she said.

“He threw me onto the ground, and I fell pretty hard on my back, and I hit my head. I almost lost consciousness, just a bit, but I managed to stay up,” she said, according to ABC7.  “He was on top of me. I was tossing and turning. I was screaming, and when I was screaming, he was putting his fingers inside my mouth.”

In a photo posted by her sister on Instagram, scratches and bruises can be seen on Estrada’s chest, neck and knee. Videos from neighbors that were also posted on her sister’s instagram appear to show the black car that was following Estrada before she was attacked.

The Long Beach Police Department said that they have not been able to corroborate the videos but have reached out to the owners to investigate further.

Jordan High School officials have not released a statement regarding the incident.