The Pike Moves to Create New Gateway on Shoreline Drive

3:47pm | Some changes are coming to The Pike at Rainbow Harbor as plans are underway to create a new gateway by demolishing the building known as D-2, located next to the Ferris Wheel along the north portion of the grass area. This project would improve sight lines into the Pike and create a new gathering place for the public.

The elimination of the new building will allow for more flexibility in using the grassy event area by creating the infrastructure required for new power supplies that will enable The Pike to hold more events like the newly added farmers market.

“The will open up The Pike like never before,” said General Manager Jeff Miyaoka. “The building will no longer block the views into the center of The Pike, and we will be able to enliven the space with a signature gathering area for the public. This will become a great new gateway to The Pike for all the people travelling along Shoreline Drive.”

The demolition of the building is expected to begin on August 10 and will take about 90 days to complete, according to Miyaoka.  He says that efforts will be made to assure that demolition activities will have the least possible impact on customers and tenants.

“We will move very quickly on this , and we look forward to enhancing this new signature entrance to The Pike,” he said.

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