State Democratic Party Endorses Hahn for Congress

11:00am | Congresswoman Janice Hahn won the most influential and paramount endorsement of her re-election campaign yesterday, after she was the officially endorsed candidate of the California Democratic Party (CDP) for California’s new 44th Congressional District. The reason that such an endorsement is quintessential is not only due to the simple power of the party of itself, but the fact that it an endorsement which can be printed on the actual ballot, thereby influencing voters' perceptions. 
The official endorsement announcement came at the closing of the CDP’s annual state convention which was held in San Diego this year.
Due to Congresswoman Hahn’s win at the CDP "Pre-Endorsement" conference where she garnered over 79% of the delegate vote, she was recommended for the CDP’s endorsement and therefore was placed on the CDP endorsement consent calendar at convention. Just yesterday, the CDP’s 3,000 delegates from across the state voted to authorize the Party to officially endorse her re-election campaign.

Congresswoman Hahn is currently running against Representative Laura Richardson of the California 37th District.

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