Parking in Long Beach Just Got A Little Easier with the City’s New Free Parking App


Screenshot taken from EZparkLB.

On Saturday, September 24, the City of Long Beach will launch its new EZparkLB parking app, in an effort to help motorists locate available public and private parking throughout the city, officials announced today.

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“We’re excited because the EZparkLB app will show residents and visitors where available parking is, which will help make parking easier, and also cut down on traffic congestion,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a statement.

The city hosted four hours of free parking in the downtown area Thursday to start raising awareness of the free app, which will be officially unveiled at day two of the Music Tastes Good festival tomorrow.


EZparkLB works by identifying available garage, lot and metered street parking throughout Long Beach and, in most cases, provides real-time capacity, according to the release. The app allows users to find and view facilities sorted by hours of operations, pricing, payment options, amenities and more. EZparkLB also offers parking options based on your location or by searchable destinations and landmarks.

Additional EZparkLB features include:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation to direct people to open parking spaces
  • Find-My-Car feature to provide directions back to a vehicle
  • Timer and alarm to alert people when their meter is about to expire
  • Photos of available parking locations
  • Share feature sends selected people parking locations to make meeting easy

EZparkLB is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

For more information about City of Long Beach apps, click here.

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