Harvest Rain and Beat the Drought, One Rare Drop at a Time

It's time, Long Beach residents, to take a chance on how to learn to harvest rainwater.

The instructor of the class, the first of which will be held on December 6, will lead with discussing the importance of rainwater harvesting, the benefits of using a rain barrel, how to install one, how to apply for the rebate once you purchase one, and other, glaringly important water conservation tips. Rain barrels are not a required purchase to attend the free class, however it’s a great way to get started right away considering that higher chances of precipitation typically occur in December and January.

If you’re wondering why on earth you’d spend $10 and an hour of your time learning how to collect dirty rainwater, here’s why it’s a good idea. Rainwater is a soft water that lacks hard minerals and harmful chemicals such as chlorine, meaning it’s a healthier beverage for your thirsty plants, whether they’re cooped up in pots inside your house or living that “outside is free” lifestyle in your front or back yards.

Collecting rainwater also lessens the impact on our city’s municipal water source by reducing the amount of water we contribute to storm runoff. Long Beach certainly lacks a stormy temperament, but will occasionally throw an unexpected tantrum, known to flood low-seated intersections and clog storm drains. Why not prepare to collect some of that madness and save it for a sunny day, when our California drought is all but obvious?

If you’d like to purchase a rain barrel and pick it up on December 6, orders must be placed by December 3 by clicking here. Barrels are $85, however, The Metropolitan Water District gives a $75 rebate for up to four per household, with one submission allowed.

In case you can’t make the December 6 class, another free session will take place on January
10 in a different location. Details have yet to be decided.

The first class will be held on Saturday, December 6 from 2:30PM to 3:30PM at Veterans Park Social Hall Veterans Park, located at 101 E. 28th St.

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