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BelmontYards BANN

A rendering of a possible PCH and 2nd development from USC architectural students.

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The City of Long Beach has issued a Notice of Preparation for a new Environmental Impact Report for a proposed development project at a site where many had thought the development coffin had been nailed: PCH and 2nd.

The move, paid for by the applicant seeking a possible development, SeaPort Marina LLC, comes after USC students presented their “Belmont Yards” project to the City Council, receiving unanimous applause for their efforts at redeveloping the corner while maintaining existing code and zoning limitations. It is unclear whether the Yards will become the actual project, but it is clear the USC students influenced the City to re-approach the dilapidated corner.

Unlike the previous attempts at redevelopment—including the infamous $320M attempt a few years ago which ultimately failed amidst residential concerns over traffic and building height and environmental concerns for the nearby wetlands—this will be an entirely commercial development. The previous two attempts at redevelopment have been largely mixed-use, with hopes that the corner could become a beacon for new urbanism with shops and residences sharing common space.

The notice calls for the demolition of the 165,000 sq. ft. SeaPort Marina Hotel and construction of 245,000 sq. ft. of commercial space: 29,000 sq. ft. for restaurants and 216,000 sq. ft. for retail operations. A parking structure is also planned, offering 1,044 spots in addition to 128 surface-level spots. No buildings will reach above 35 feet, adhering to current zoning conditions under the South East Area Development and Improvement Plan.

This article originally appeared on Longbeachize.

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