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Long Beach Transit (LBT) and the City of Long Beach announced this week the start of a pilot program to provide free transportation between the Long Beach Airport (LGB) and the Metro Blue Line via an LBT-operated express bus shuttle called the Blue Line 2 Airline.

“We are committed to moving Long Beach forward and since joining the Board of Directors of L.A. Metro, we have been exploring new strategies for connecting our transportation infrastructures,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement. “This direct LBT bus connection between the Blue Line and the airport is another step forward in providing transportation alternatives.”

The shuttle will connect the Metro Blue Line Wardlow Station with LGB’s historic terminal starting Saturday, offering direct airport service every half hour from 5:45AM to 8:15PM daily through Sunday, January 7.

“A direct LBT bus connection between the Blue Line and the airport will speed travel times, reduce congestion and enhance our customer experience,” LBT Chief Executive Officer Kenneth McDonald stated. “Launching the Blue Line 2 Airline service during the busy holiday travel season will help reduce the number of car trips taken in and around the airport.”

LGB is a city-owned facility that handles nearly 3.5 million commercial airline passengers a year, according to the release.

“Long Beach Airport provides easy access to 15 nonstop destinations in the United States,” Long Beach Airport Director Jess L. Romo said in a statement. “The Blue Line 2 Airline shuttle service is an alternative ground transportation choice for local passengers traveling to and from the airport and creates more connection to the rest of the network.”

The Wardlow Station can be reached by taking the Blue Line light-rail line from Downtown Long Beach or Downtown Los Angeles. The Blue Line 2 Airline shuttle is made possible through a subsidy from the City of Long Beach to LBT for transit operations.

Learn more about Long Beach Transit through the website here

The Metro Blue Line Wardlow Station is located at 3420 North Pacific Place.

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