Long Beach Transit to Cross Over to TAP Card System

tap-serviceSeamless travel by way of the TAP (Transit Access Pass) card has long been a facet of Metro transportation that Long Beach Blue Line travelers may very well take for granted. Come February, Long Beach Transit (LBT) will come around to the TAP card line of efficiency, and frequenters of local public transportation can rejoice in no longer having to deal with the frantic hassle of shoving crumpled dollar bills, loose change or paper passes into the finicky mouths of LBT bus fare boxes.

On February 8, 2015, LBT will roll out the TAP card system, and will no longer sell LBT paper passes at its Transit and Visitor Information Center or at participating vendors. Regular 1-Day and 5-Day paper passes can still be purchased on LBT buses, however all other passes will only be able to be purchased on a TAP card.

TAP cards eliminate the need for paper passes and are durable, efficient and easy to use. Travelers can purchase and load day passes or load stored value, same as cash, onto the TAP card. An electronic chip contained in the card stores information such as the type of pass or how much value is left on the card. After loading a pass or cash value, LBT riders can simply tap the TAP card on the mobile validator, located on the left-hand side as they board any LBT bus.

Customers who currently purchase LBT reduced fare passes, such as users with disabilities, seniors or students, will need to apply for one of several reduced fare TAP cards in order to continue to receive a reduced fare on bus passes, starting February 8. According to LBT, processing can take up to eight weeks, so users are highly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

LBT passes can be purchased online, over the phone at 866-TAPTOGO, in-person at LBT’s Transit and Visitor Information Center at 130 Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach, or at a participating vendor. Visit LBT’s website or call a transit advisor at (562) 591-2301 for locations around town.

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