LB To Receive Nearly $1M To Hire Youth Into Green Jobs

Earlier this week, Governor Schwarzenegger's office announced that nearly $11 million in stimulus funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act would be awarded to ten California workforce organizations, and the City of Long Beach was awarded with $935,797.

“Using Recovery funds and public-private partnerships, the California Green Jobs Corps will help 1,500 at-risk young adults realize a brighter future while stimulating our economy and working toward a greener California," Schwarzenegger said in the press release.

The purpose of the project is to spur the growth of green business and promote the hiring of youth aged 16-24.  In late May, Mayor Bob Foster was one of three local mayors to announce support for a similar program run by the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network (PGWIN). That program was granted about $6.3 million from the Recovery Act.

In this CNN Local Edition video below, PGWIN Director Bryan Rogers is interviewed and speaks about the work being done to introduce a new workforce to green jobs, in the midst of a challenging economy.

In this Press-Telegram article, Joe Segura brings more good news:

Long Beach-based Green Job Corps partners will match the federal funds with resources, resulting in almost $2 million in green job training and community service opportunities in the area, city officials said.

Disclosure: co-founder Shaun Lumachi is a Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network board member.

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