List Of Closures & Flooded Streets To Avoid

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster has released a new statement.

"Our City staff has been working night and day to clear flooded streets, inspect and clear catch basins, provide approximately 80,000 in three days, respond to reports of flooding and clear 5,000 tons of debris from our beaches," he said. “There are still two more days of rain forecast and I urge residents to be careful on the roads and report any blocked storm drains or flooding by calling 562.570.2726.”

More sandbags are being brought into fire stations after the City ran out twice yesterday. Click here to find your nearest location to obtain sandbags.

An updated list of street closures is coming soon...

12:55pm UPDATE: The Main Library is closed today due to flooding.

1:10pm UPDATE: In the last three days, Long Beach has received 5 inches of rain. The stormdrain systems are designed to handle about an inch per hour; Wednesday saw 1.5 inches in an hour and Thursday saw nearly an inch of rain in just a half-hour. Click here to read our article on the systems being "overwhelmed" and causing floods.

1:15 UPDATE: Flooded intersections that should be avoided include Willow at the Terminal Island Freeway, Termino between 10th & Anaheim, and Lakewood between Willow & Spring (crews are trying to let traffic go through very slowly at this location).

Assistant City manager Suzanne Fricke told the that the drain systems are handling the rain "much better" today.

"In the last few days, we had intense bursts of rain in a very short period of time," she said. "Today, we have the same amount of rain over an extended period of time."

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