PHOTOS: Life In Rain-Soaked Belmont Shore

Outside of my studio apartment, water fell onto the street. Sheets, buckets, cats & dogs; Belmont Shore residents had it all coming down on their heads & their streets.

Armed with my Canon 5D MII, boat shoes, and a trusty umbrella, I captured some of the intense flooding on 2nd St.

An unidentified man attempts to leap a growing amount of water… coffee in hand.

A Long Beach resident waits on her bike, making a decision about crossing the street or not. A Jamba Juice employee (right) in search of sandbags.

2nd St. Belmont Shore underwater.

Layla Ghassemian (left), a San Jose Resident, didn’t pack rain clothes while visiting her Cousin Samira Ghassemian (right). She said she packed mostly for sun.

Samira Ghassemian crosses the street in search of a dry place.

Belmont Shore outside of The Coffee Bean.

Argonne & 2nd St, Long Beach underwater.

Jamba Juice Manager looking for sandbags for his flooding shopfront.

Peter, co-owner of 5001, works hard to keep water from seeping into his store.

Greg comes out of AT&T with makeshift boots, happy for his umbrella.

Water flows over the sidewalk and into businesses.

Water flows underneath the doors at Jamba Juice.

An unidentified Long Beach resident crosses St. Joesph in Long Beach

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