Sander Roscoe Wolff


Culture Agent

Sander Roscoe Wolff is a musician, artist, and was co-founder and Executive Director of, the City's first comprehensive, and free, arts calendar and registry.

He has served on the boards of the 2nd City Council Art Gallery + Performance Space and the East Village Arts District, curated a 6 month gallery exhibition in the Long Beach World Trade Center, and produced Songs For Bethune, a CD of original and traditional holiday songs by local artists, to raise funds for the Arts Council's Passport to the Arts program.

His work has been featured in local gallery exhibitions, in SoundWalk, and L.A. Siggraph's Photon Ballet.

His current music project is Ain Soph Aur, a systems based improvisational performance duo and studio team.

Sander lives with his wife, step-daughter, dogs, and cats. He's an avid photographer, and enjoys creating close-up images of flowers and plants, and capturing urban landscapes. He's been involved in music production since the early 80's, and worked professionally as an audio engineer, live sound mixer, and producer.


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  1. Libertarian Honor 'Mimi' Robson to Run Against Incumbent Ricardo Lara This November
  2. Sunday's Artist's Feast Creates Community Support for Local Artists
  3. A Glimpse into the Longest-Running Psychic Fair in Long Beach
  4. Rebecca Lynn: A Different Place
  5. Artist Rimi Abu Hussein Makes Random Connections
  6. Does Your Vote Matter?
  7. Free SAM Kickoff Features Film and Music at Art Theatre Today
  8. Two Dave Barton-Directed Plays Premiere at Garage Theatre
  9. Gregg Bendian: In Any Direction
  10. Mike Keneally: From Zappa to Dethklok
  11. Tattooing Legend Joe Truck Brings Body Art to Long Beach's Pine Avenue
  12. Jennifer Celio: Defining A Community
  13. Bill Lanham: Music Is Everything
  14. Jimmy Hewitt's Soul Dogg at Seabird Friday
  15. Queen Califia: Keeping Music Simple
  16. Nicolassa Galvez Curates Art Show for WE Labs' Packard Grand Opening Friday
  17. Magician Murray SawChuck Opens FantaSea Aboard Queen Mary Friday
  18. WE Labs to Celebrate Grand Opening at Packard Building Friday
  19. Podcast: New Arts Council ED Griselda Suarez in Conversation
  20. Sayon Syprasoeuth: Beauty Taking Shape
  21. Brian Frederick: Let The Music Breathe
  22. DJ Dennis Owens: An Endlessly Fascinating Human Construct
  23. The Vibe Is On: Q&A With Tall Walls' Daniel Perkins
  24. Molly Ringwald: Finding Intimacy with the Long Beach Symphony
  25. Reception for Open Media Exhibit at Picture This Saturday
  26. Video: Poetry and Music Tonight With Shy But Flyy
  27. Q&A With Electronic Musician Loren Nerell
  28. Arts Answers Part II: City Council Candidates Discuss Long Beach Arts with the Culture Agent
  29. Arts Answers Part I: City Council Candidates Discuss Long Beach Arts with the Culture Agent
  30. Derek Phillips: The Underground Sound
  31. PODCAST: Oleta Adams With Long Beach Symphony Orchestra Pops! Saturday
  32. Clinton Neuhaus: A Beautiful Recovery
  33. Video: Mimi Masher is Making Things Happen in Long Beach
  34. Video: Samantha Church — Creating Tension
  35. VIDEO: New Breakers Gallery Hosts Photo Show Saturday
  36. Charles Sharp: Challenging Music
  37. Denver Band Holophrase at Alex's Bar in Long Beach Thursday
  38. NAMM Preview: DJ Jack Pharaoh Keeps The Energy Strong
  39. NAMM Preview: Emma Simons-Araya — Still Screamy
  40. NAMM Preview: Steve McNeil, Making Music in Long Beach
  41. Free Long Beach Opera Talk Tuesday
  42. Anita Sinclair: Creating Community Access to Art
  43. Maha & Company Brings Dance to Saturday's Excursions
  44. VIDEO: Photographer Liezel Rubin Explores Life And Death In New Work
  45. Queen Mary's CHILL Designer Shares Creation Process
  46. VIDEO: Violinist & LBSO Concertmaster Roger Wilkie In Recital at Carpenter Thursday
  47. Councilmember Austin and Filmmaker Duke Givens Present Chess Tourney at The Breakers, Supporting Youth Sports
  48. 5 Questions with Michael Rossato-Bennett, Director of ALIVE INSIDE
  49. Building a Bridge Between Long Beach Youth and Elders with Screening of ALIVE INSIDE
  50. Freedom In The Music: A Q&A With SoCal LoopFest Headliner Just Alliance
  51. Video: Long Beach Open Studio Tour Artist Cathy Pavia
  52. Intangible Experiences: A Q&A with Artist Karena Massengill
  53. Banana Shenanigans: Q&A with Musician Janis Tanaka
  54. Q&A With Free Local Music Festival Founder, Coming to Rec Park Band Shell Saturday
  55. Q&A With Derek O'Brien, Producer of this Month's Hi-Fi Rock Fest
  56. Video Q&A: Chad Bishop Talks About Making Music in Long Beach
  57. Q&A with Jack Curtis Dubowsky on Saturday's Screening of the Expressionist Classic, THE GOLEM
  58. Long Beach Symphony Director Kelly Ruggirello is Creating a Culture of Service
  59. Q&A With Kevin Chartier: Creating Original Art for the Edison Building
  60. Keeping The Playhouse Strong: A Q&A With E.D. Andrew Vonderschmitt
  61. Gary Numan at Ink-N-Iron Sunday
  62. Online Artist Group Connects and Empowers: Q&A with Founder of Long Beach Artists
  63. Artist Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham Blends Digital And Natural
  64. Q&A With Greenly Art Space's Kimberly Hocking: Building Community Through Art
  65. To Dance And To Think: The Fiction's Joshua Fischel & Kris Jackson Get Quixotic
  66. Arts Council Abandons Brown Act, Limits Public Involvement in Board Meetings
  67. Podcast: Artist Michael Stearns, Causing Questions
  68. Jenny Stockdale: A Most Grand Catharsis
  69. Long Beach Museum of Art to Host Masterworks Conversation Saturday
  70. Queering Cambodian Tradition: Award-Winning Documentary Screens At CSULB Festival Thursday
  71. John Glaza's Exit Interview: Community First
  72. Duke Givens: The Power Of Choice
  73. SHINE: Jeff Foye Explores Identity
  74. SHINE: Annie Stromquist's Works On Paper
  75. SHINE: Kurt Simonson's Northwoods Journals
  76. Michael Cartwright: Grace, Power, and Artistry
  77. ARTiculate Art Talk Series Launches in Bixby Knolls with Betsy Lohrer Hall
  78. Frank E. Cummings III: 50 Years of Love
  79. Culture Agent: 2013 In Review
  80. Eurotrash Artist Ola Kalnins Has Found The Universal Key
  81. Dave The Rainbow: Love Through Art
  82. Peggy Duquesnel Creates a Christmas Classic
  83. Inaugural Forum for Art and Peace Features Artists and Researchers
  84. Sunday's Morrison Birthday Celebration Benefits Food Finders
  85. Joshua Fischel: A More Complete Experience
  86. Artists Breathe New Life Into Stillness Saturday
  87. Rose's Pawn Shop Headlines Saturday's Folk Festival
  88. Slushbox Celebrates Morrison's 70th Tonight At Fingerprints
  89. Christopher Chinn: Cardboard Sidewalks
  90. Martin Espino Shares Indigenous Mexican Music At First Fridays
  91. Podcast: The Dickies' Stan Lee
  92. Gary William Musgrave: Stubborn And Resourceful
  93. Nick Sawyers: Anything And Everything
  94. Metalachi To "Melt Faces" Saturday At Zombie Walk
  95. Thea Robertshaw: The Healing Art of Dreams
  96. McLean Fahnestock: Cut, Carve, Reconfigure
  97. Podcast: Reuben Cannon Sings Sunday At Taste of North Town
  98. Frau Fiber: Mend, Alter and Remake
  99. Donna Sternberg: The Dance of Desire
  100. Cynthia Azarcon: Singing to the Moon
  101. David Van Patten: Justice, Retribution, Love and Mercy
  102. Jose Loza: Muralist Curates Zombies and Robots
  103. Intersect: The Emergence of Yoshino Rosalia Jasso
  104. Intersect: Trace Fukuhara Is Creating Opportunities
  105. Short Film Explores the Zombie/Robot Relationship
  106. Award Winning Filmmaker Documents Globalization In Cambodia
  107. Intersect: Paul Hogue and the Nature of Art
  108. Art & Marine Biology At Aquarium of the Pacific
  109. Salon Night Brings Top Dancers to North Pine
  110. Greg Coates' Dumb Love - Part 3
  111. Darren Held: Improv For Life
  112. Gregory Coates' Dumb Love - Part 2
  113. Gregory Coates' Dumb Love - Part 1
  114. Duke Givens: Game Changer
  115. WATCH: Local Musicians Rehearse, Discuss New Live Score For 'The Artist'
  116. WATCH: Long Beach Painter Dean Triolo Speaks About Retrospective
  117. Scott Devours: From Here To The Who - Part 3
  118. Scott Devours: From Here To The Who - Part 2
  119. Scott Devours: From Here To The Who - Part 1
  120. Robert Deeble: Not A Tattooed Screamer
  121. David Witham's Portable Universe Now on PADNET
  122. Stan DeWitt: A Level Of Fearlessness
  123. Peter Tork Brings Blues To The Bayou Festival Tonight
  124. Jazz Lab At The Library on Broadway
  125. Willmore's Neighbors Get Friendly With Festival This Saturday
  126. Sarah Elise Abramson: Photo Magic
  127. Jan Edward Vogels: An Ever Smaller Radius
  128. Dan Clucas: New Information
  129. Wendi Bear: Crushing The Kinky Donut
  130. Visual Anthropology Showcase Features Culture, Film And New Media
  131. Julie Christensen: Just The Good Stuff
  132. Millena Hidaway D-Lite: WERKing for Pride
  133. Artist Leah C. Dixon Presents Video Art Tomorrow
  134. Katie Chidester Directs Machinal at the Playhouse Studio Theater
  135. Sean Robertson: Knife Skills
  136. Michelle Molina: Building Peace On Pine
  137. Podcast: Stewart Copeland's Operatic Heart
  138. April 12-14: Weekend Cultural Preview
  139. Omar Akram: Melody Is Everything
  140. Podcast: Exene Cervenka at The Mirage This Friday
  141. R. Scott: Comfort, Loss, and Joy
  142. CALB Welcomes New Theater Programs to the Bungalow Art Center
  143. Kronos Quartet Brings Riley's Sun Rings to Carpenter Saturday
  144. Meet the East Village Association Board of Directors Candidates
  145. Rand Foster and Justin Hectus Honored With Ackerman Award
  146. Marrow Dance: Dissecting the Human Condition
  147. Anthony Carfello: Asserting Localness
  148. EVA Board Revises Bylaws To Embrace Inclusiveness
  149. East Village Stakeholders To Demand Transparency At Meeting Tonight
  150. Historic Cyclone Racer Car Reunites With Pike
  151. Hollywood Babble-On Comes to Long Beach Laugh Factory Saturday
  152. Share Magic With Tony Damico's Beat Theatre
  153. Local Theater Celebrates African History
  154. Beloved Songwriter Richard Sherman At Fingerprints Sunday
  155. Arts Council Fellows Exhibit at Collaborative Friday
  156. Suzan Hanson Rediscovers Usher
  157. UAM Exhibition Opening Saturday Explores Curation
  158. Arts Council Executive Director John Glaza: Through The Lens of Service
  159. Forbidden Zone Shadowcast Gets Christmas Reboot
  160. Alyssandra Nighswonger: A Stronger Bond
  161. OP-ED: Can We Ever Be Safe?
  162. All-Star Jam At Harvelle's Tonight
  163. Rodney Sellars: An Obsessive Dream
  164. Matthew Mishory Creates A Portrait of James Dean
  165. A Conversation with Comedian Lewis Black
  166. Amps For Christ: Everything Is Recorded
  167. Harvelle's Long Beach: Servicing The Soul
  168. ''Little Birds'' Coming Home
  169. Sarah Al-Mulla: In-Between Land
  170. The Potential Lunatics Rock Zombie Walk
  171. United Catalysts Discuss Prayer Wheels In Space
  172. Long Beach Artists Create T-Shirt Designs For Zombie Walk
  173. UAM Presents A Series On Color
  174. Ian Anderson: Chance Interventions
  175. David Wilcox: Ballet Dreams
  176. Slater Barron's Transformative Visions
  177. Bob Senske Paints Legends in Motion
  178. Jeff Rau: Trace Evidence
  179. Thursday's Tech Summit Features Pixar Programmer
  180. LB Open Studio Tour: Jeff McMillan
  181. Healing and Inspiration: 10 Years of Khmer Arts
  182. Leonard Cohen Biographer To Read at Gatsby Books
  183. Franz Keller: Playing With Light
  184. Clint Margrave: Thematic Obsessions
  185. Celebrated Poets Converge Saturday
  186. Phillip King: A Conduit
  187. Patrick Wilson: An Odd Illusion of Space
  188. Paul Williams: From The Center Of His Chest
  189. The Wailers' Koolant Brown: Right Here Right Now
  190. RhetOracle: Mainstreaming Dance Verbiage
  191. The Family Stone Featured at Saturday's 4th Annual Funk Fest
  192. '8' The Play Brings Marriage Equality To Long Beach
  193. 8th Annual Queen Mary Art Deco Festival
  194. Residents Hit by Bikes on Retail Sidewalks
  195. FEAR Comes to Alex's Bar
  196. Maggie Tennesen: The Power of Color
  197. Bixby Knolls Concert in the Park(ing lot) Tonight
  198. Michael Wylie: Filling Empty Spaces
  199. James Clay Garrison: Seasoned Musician Back In The Graces
  200. Nicki Bair: Weaving Memories
  201. Gauthier+Wisdom+Witham At Alvas Friday
  202. Retire Old And Damaged Flags Friday
  203. July 3rd Big Bang On The Bay
  204. Rebooting Lightbulb-Mouth
  205. Dave Williams: Finding Love in Long Beach
  206. Richard Elfman's Forbidden Zone Friday
  207. Antonio Ruiz: Make Waves
  208. Pamela Seager: Restoring The Rancho
  209. Fun Stuff This Weekend
  210. Women of Note Sing Tonight, Sunday
  211. VIDEO: Rancho Los Alamitos -- Ever Changing - Part 2
  212. Greg Pipkins: Elevate
  213. Saint: The Calm Before The Storm
  214. The Vooduo Rocks Ink-N-Iron Sunday
  215. Anthony Arvizu: Compound Faith
  216. Amy Tanaka: Something From Nothing
  217. Fun Stuff This Weekend
  218. Tim Grobaty Chronicles Long Beach
  219. DJs Spin Jazz At District Wine Tonight
  220. Jill Warren Plays AIDS Ride Benefit Tonight At Que Sera
  221. Kick-Off Mixer for 2013 LB Film Festival Thursday
  222. Scott Heustis: Beyond Category
  223. Podcast: Tricia Allen - A Tangible Reminder
  224. Podcast: English Beat's Dave Wakeling at MADHaus Saturday
  225. Tribute to Jazz Legend Lee Morgan At Fingerprints Tuesday
  226. Katie Thiroux: Straight Ahead
  227. Tevita Kunato: The Liquid Continent
  228. Pacific Island Ethnic Art Celebration This Weekend
  229. Jay Buchanan: The Bottom Line
  230. Evan Greer: Paths To Liberation
  231. Nura Maznavi: A Sense of Sisterhood
  232. Steve Richardson Feeds Long Beach Homeless
  233. Kickstart LB Cinematheque's Moonlight Classics on the Beach
  234. Beach Boy Al Jardine At Fingerprints Saturday
  235. Arts Council Honors Local Teen
  236. Ian Anderson's Thick as a Brick 2
  237. Tom Zear: From Tranquility To Anarchy
  238. Garry Booth: Trail Blazing
  239. Commentary: Democracy Fails in Long Beach
  240. Forecast: Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Art
  241. PODCAST: DRC 2nd District Candidate Forum
  242. VIDEO: Rancho Los Alamitos -- Ever Changing
  243. Does Your Vote Matter?
  244. Haydn's Creation At Grace First This Weekend
  245. Say Goodbye To Derrick Brown Tonight
  246. Arts Community Snubbed by Austin, Kamer, O'Donnell, Rivera, and Supernaw
  247. ¡DUENDE! Youth Grand Slam Competition Finds Home Through CALB
  248. Candidate Forum Focused on Arts Tomorrow
  249. Frampton Comes Alive in Long Beach Tonight
  250. Cultural Alliance Announces New Art Center
  251. Booty Shaking Boxcar 7
  252. VIDEO: LACMA's Levitated Mass Rock Visits Long Beach
  253. Rocco DeLuca: A Thousand Failures
  254. Photos From Today's Bixby Knolls Rock Party
  255. Katia Popov: For The Heart
  256. Blake T. Honeytwin: A Different Dimension
  257. Temporary TED Art To Stay In Terrace Theater Lobby
  258. English Beat At Fingerprints, MADHaus, Friday
  259. Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour Returns Sunday
  260. Christine Nguyen: Something Magic
  261. Free Mardi Gras & Carnevale at Rainbow Harbor Saturday
  262. Christopher Scoates: Bullet Proof
  263. Split Moment: Performance and Documentation at UAM
  264. Opening Reception At UAM Tonight
  265. Ulrich Krieger: Trio Music for Metal Machines
  266. caryn desai: Developing Future Audiences
  267. Steampunk Art Show Saturday
  268. Peppino D'Agostino: Patience and Humility
  269. Andreas Mitisek: Opera Vagabond
  270. Dr. Barbara Ardinger Reads at Portfolio Tonight
  271. Local Board Members Remember Shaun
  272. Henry Klein: Empowering Radicals
  273. New Thursday Night Jazz At The Basement Lounge
  274. Free Bus and Curated Tours of Local Museums Sunday
  275. Nick August-Perna: A Deeper Trust
  276. Property Owners, DLBA Board Members Give Perspectives on Downtown PBID
  277. Craig Stone: Representing Art
  278. MOMIX Botanica This Weekend At the Carpenter
  279. Gatsby Cooks: Thanksgiving with Trader Joe's!
  280. UPDATE: DLBA Posts New Draft Management Plan for Downtown PBID
  281. Downtown Residents Forced to Pay for 'Benefits'?
  282. Weekend Preview: Art, Music, Theater, Literature
  283. Lauren Morris: Building Momentum
  284. Liza Mitchell: A Great Dream
  285. Help Support The Collaborative, Eat Tacos, And Enjoy Great Music
  286. Kevin Smith & Red State At Art Theatre Wednesday
  287. Stan Poe: Preserving The City's Heritage One Building At A Time
  288. Anthony Shadduck: Infinite Possibilities
  289. PHOTOS: Occupy Long Beach On The March
  290. Living Love Launches New Life at The HUB
  291. Jacob Wendt: Hooked on Art
  292. vocaldente Rocks Klaustoberfest Sunday
  293. Thomas Allen Harris: Returning to the Form
  294. Daniel Gutierrez and Author Don Miquel Ruiz Speak Saturday
  295. Long Beach Open Studio Tour Part 1: David Early
  296. Long Beach Open Studio Tour Part 2: Dorte Christjansen
  297. Arts Bootcamp @ EXPO Tomorrow
  298. Say Cheese, Long Beach!
  299. Academy of Chess & Checkers Rocks The Playhouse
  300. Kathy Rae Huffman: Overwhelming Influence
  301. SoundWalk2011: Blurring Boundaries
  302. Jazz Angels' Boplicity Features Jeff Kashiwa Saturday
  303. Joseph Arthur Live @ Fingerprints Wednesday
  304. Impromptu Downtown Drive-In Screens Bueller Tomorrow
  305. Famous Killers The Subject of New Picture Book
  306. QFilm Festival Features Prop 8 Documentary
  307. Grasse, Hay & Steck: Ecstasy and Joy at Zephyr
  308. Art & Social Change: Peace Press Posters @ UAM
  309. Donna Hilbert: Consolation Prize
  310. LB Cinematheque Presents Cocteau's Beast with Live Score
  311. Miniature Houses Rock BuskerFest Saturday
  312. Luke Yankee Directs ICT's Private Lives
  313. Support Your Municipal Band
  314. Tamara Mason: Order and Structure
  315. Swing to Gypsy Jazz this Sunday
  316. Photos from First Alamitos Bay Landing Summer Concert
  317. What To Do This Weekend?
  318. Local Teen Models Recycled Dress
  319. New Concert Series Helps Local Charities
  320. Craig Stone: Making Places Public
  321. Pine Avenue Businesses Face New Restrictions
  322. Marisa Predisik: Serving The Song
  323. Christine Guter: Do What You Love
  324. Al Williams Jazz Society at Seabird Saturday
  325. Eddie Vedder: Ukulele Songs
  326. Matt Saunders: Instant Connections
  327. Chris Schlarb: Time and Talent
  328. Arts Council for Long Beach Presenting SlangFest! Saturday
  329. Evan Patrick Kelly: Growing Roots
  330. Monday Night Jazz at McKenna's
  331. GreenLB Festival Ignites Change Tomorrow
  332. Sunday's Juneteenth Concert Features World Renowned Mezzo-Soprano Denyce Graves
  333. Lunch Truck Its Kut N' Sow Offers Porcine Goodness
  334. Moira Hahn: Memories and Observations
  335. Timothy Dunham: Unconventional Spaces
  336. Summer And Music '11 Preview
  337. Christopher Garcia: Limited Abilities
  338. Pete Pepper: The Cost of War
  339. Alan Cook: An Open Invitation
  340. LGBT Youth Commemorate Harvey Milk Through Art
  341. R.G. Powers: More Meaning
  342. Iliana Rose: The Servant of Emotion
  343. Weekend Preview
  344. Paige Bauer: Supporting Community
  345. We Love Long Beach Launches New Volunteer Portal
  346. Lunch Truck It Launch Laudable
  347. Sonia Farrand: The Willingness to be Fearless
  348. Dean Grech: The Beauty of Music
  349. The State of the Arts
  350. Eliza Rubenstein: Bringing Music to People
  351. Norton Wisdom: Follow What You Feel
  352. Local Artists Save Elephants
  353. Greggory Moore: A Pure Artist
  354. Lee Ferrell Live at McKenna's
  355. 'Dune' on the Sand Tonight
  356. Craig Watson: Coordinating Efforts
  357. David Early: Washing the Wounds of Martyrdom
  358. Famed French Artist JR Exhibits at Phantom Galleries
  359. Celebrate Creative Reuse Day This Sunday
  360. LBOpera Presents First Qatsi At Art
  361. Arts For LA Comes To Long Beach
  362. Cyclists Violate State And Local Laws Without Consequence
  363. Margie Darrow: A State of Beauty
  364. Upcoming Long Beach Short Film Fest Seeks Short Films
  365. Helps Local Businesses Thrive
  366. Local Artists Curate New Phantom Gallery
  367. Critical Mess: The City Versus Your Civil Liberties
  368. Carter Dewberry: Working Toward Mastery
  369. Eric Leocadio: Creating Connections
  370. Eric Leocadio: Casting Common Vision
  371. Books Make Great Gifts
  372. Eric Leocadio: Building Bridges
  373. Sound Artist Jorge Martin Deconstructs Everything
  374. Rand Foster: Creating A Place
  375. Lee Adams: Virtually Yours
  376. Victoria Bryan: Building Audience Engagement
  377. Mick Victor: Beauty From Chaos
  378. PieAm: Many Islands, Many Stories
  379. No Sleep For Lyon Art Supply At Night
  380. Annie Clavel: Un Joli Trésor
  381. Douglas Orr: Watering The Garden
  382. Defending ArtX Concerns On Imagine This Radio: Part 2
  383. Long Beach Police Halt Bicycle Safety Awareness Ride
  384. Zombie Walk Coming To 4th Street In Long Beach
  385. Defending ArtX Concerns On Imagine This Radio
  386. Blair Cohn: Keep Making Noise
  387. ArtX: Myth And Madness
  388. Long Beach Marathon Supports The Arts With Children's Hospital
  389. Long Beach Goes GLOBAL For Arts Month
  390. SoundWalk Showcases Innovative High School Music Program
  391. Alex Rios: Breaking Boundaries
  392. MOLAA Exhibits DESCARTES At The Collaborative
  393. Being Connected: Sculptor Susan Erikson Hawkins
  394. The Music Of The Latin American Parade & Festival
  395. The Amoeba People: Dancing On The Inside
  396. The Armchair Generals: 3 People 6 Hands
  397. Andy Sykora: I Disappear
  398. Steuart Liebig: Little Things Put Together
  399. Religious 'Sex Forum' To Focus On Shame, Fear
  400. Justin Rudd Says 'CHEESE'
  401. Michelle Mangione & 'The Edge of Madness'
  402. Crystal Antlers at Buskerfest In Downtown Long Beach Tomorrow
  403. A Holistic Approach To Urban Design: Art & LB2030
  404. Frank E Cummings III: Remembering Lipton At Long Beach Museum Of Art
  405. Bron Theron: A Passion For Letters
  406. Dawn Silva: Lose Your Mind To The Funk
  407. Crawfish Festival Brings Cajun Flavor To Long Beach
  408. Working Cohesively: Conversation With Vanessa Rose Parker
  409. Infinite Possibilities: A Conversation with Jeremy Morelock
  410. Puka Bar A Hotbed Of Diverse Musical Scenes In Long Beach
  411. Phog Masheeen: Music Between The Cracks
  412. Arts Council to Receive $25K from NEA
  413. Elevating Cultural Standards: ArtX Exec Director Alex Slato
  414. Local Artists Discuss Their Upcoming "Rock Folk Scissors" Show At Sipology Gallery
  415. Mayor's Arts & Culture Blue Ribbon Commission Up For Approval Tomorrow
  416. First Fridays: Setting The Knolls Ablaze
  417. King Cotton: Strictly Roots At Summer And Music Tomorrow
  418. Bixby Park Arts Program: Moving The Hearts Of Children
  419. Chief McDonnell Meets With Arts Leaders
  420. Go to Exhibit [A] Tonight
  421. Flesh And Bone: Photographer El Imagenero
  422. Nick Dynice: The Music Of Science
  423. Denis McCourt: Shakespeare And More
  424. Video: We Love Long Beach Community Mural Project
  425. Celebrate Community Unity This Weekend
  426. Banksy & Opera & SAM! Oh my!
  427. 2001: A Space Odyssey At The Art Theatre This Week
  428. Harmonizing Opposite Forces: Ramón Rodriguez
  429. Another Summer, And Music
  430. Help Create Long Beach!
  431. Bike Fest Art Show Tomorrow
  432. Do The Arts Matter?
  433. Exhibit [A]: Midnight Ridazz
  434. Redemption & Virtue: Conversation With Gustavo Arellano
  435. Regional Arts Education Summit Tomorrow
  436. Mondo Celluloid Brings A Clockwork Orange To The Art Theatre
  437. PODCAST: John Duykers Rediscovers The Role Of Mao
  438. The Verbs of Art: A Conversation With Eric Booth
  439. Art In Context - Students Curate At UAM
  440. Tonight At The Puka!
  441. A Momentous Night At City Hall
  442. Arts Supporters Rally At Council Meeting Tonight
  443. PHOTO ESSAY: Carnival De Corazon
  444. Artists Rally To Help Haiti
  445. Creative Parking Solutions On 4th Street
  446. Shared Experience: A Conversation With caryn desai
  447. Podcast: Symphony Director Discusses Power Of Music
  448. Fiscal Crisis May Make Saturday Symphony's Last Performance
  449. 2009: A Cultural Retrospective
  450. Awakening Enthusiasm: Performing in The Limitless Light
  451. A Conversation With LBCreative! Co-founder Tanya Quinn
  452. The Spirit Of Inclusiveness: A Conversation With Craig Watson
  453. 562CL Interviews Tanya Quinn, Novelist Lee Adams, & Me
  454. Are You An Arts Patron?
  455. Patchwork Show Celebrated The Handmade
  456. Toys For Laughs Comedy Fun(d)raiser Saturday
  457. Arts Council's State Of The Arts Tonight
  458. Antonio Pedro Ruiz To Receive Arts Council Award
  459. LB Opera Director Discusses Upcoming Season
  460. Lee Adams Talks About Her New Novel, Nighthawks
  461. Podcast: Musician R. Scott Talks Mad Forms & Twisted Poses
  462. Live Painting At Bixby Knolls' First Fridays
  463. Local Musician Inspires Peace Event In Chile
  464. Q&A: Local Pioneers Of South Asian Dance
  465. Q&A: Michael James Brown On The Other Awareness Project
  466. Interview: Phantom Galleries LA Founder On Saturday Exhibitions
  467. Greater California At LBMA After Dark Tonight
  468. Rychard Cooper Talks About Brian Eno's Art At UAM
  469. Launching Tonight, Book Highlights North Long Beach
  470. Local Artist Loren Nerell Plays Immersion Fest Saturday
  471. Tonight: Sundance Winners & More Showing At Art Theatre
  472. Bend It Better: A Conversation With Circuit Bender univac
  473. Podcast: Gaston Nogues Speaks About Long Beach Exposed
  474. Long Beach Exposed Opens Friday
  475. Murder, Laughs, & Dinner Tonight At The Reef
  476. Arts Go GLOBAL in October
  477. Concert Supports H'artWorks at Immanuel
  478. Some Thoughts About Soundwalk
  479. Author Alex Espinoza To Read From Debut Novel At LBCC
  480. Soundwalk Organizers Raise Funds
  481. PODCAST: Eno Speaks About Exhibition at UAM
  482. A Good Recipe: Marisa Predisik Talks About Paper City
  483. Slow Sound Festival Photo Recap
  484. Glenn Bach Talks About The Slow Sound Festival
  485. Eno Exhibition Opens Tomorrow
  486. Long Beach Greek Festival This Weekend
  487. UAM Director Christopher Scoates Talks About Eno's 77 Million Paintings
  488. Funk Fest: Another SAM Smash!
  489. Podcast: Former Gallery 117 Director Larry Bott
  490. Submit To The Funk!
  491. Not Robot Not Human Tonight!
  492. Pawn Shop Kings Win BuskerFest
  493. Cold War Kids Rock Downtown's BuskerFest
  494. SAM Activates Art Park Saturday
  495. Sound Takes Over: Guitarists Nels Cline & G.E. Stinson
  496. Have A Vision: Musician & Producer Chris Schlarb
  497. Rock Out This Saturday
  498. Craig Watson Would Like To Speak With You About The Arts
  499. New Directory To Organize Arts Council Youth Programs
  500. Arts Council Seeks Cultural Events
  501. Arts Council Launches On-Line Registry
  502. Music Shines Downtown
  503. Tour Des Artistes '09 A Success
  504. CNN Interview With Arts Council's Craig Watson
  505. Tour Des Artistes 2009
  506. PawnShop Kings Rock Grace First Friday
  507. Another Summer, And Music
  508. Youth Driven Art at 2CC
  509. Podcast: City Manager Pat West Discusses LB Arts
  510. A Modest Proposal - Part 3B: Economic Development
  511. A Modest Proposal - Part 3A: Live Music
  512. Green Long Beach! Festival
  513. Modest Corrections and Clarifications
  514. Fusion: CSULB Arts Students Unite
  515. A Modest Proposal: Part 2
  516. World Of Strings Hosts Taylor Guitars Road Show
  517. Youth Video Contest
  518. Transformation II: Podcast With Co-Curators Lydia Parusol & Denise A. Scott
  519. Cambodian New Year Parade Sunday
  520. Photography Festival At LBCC
  521. A Modest Proposal: Part 1
  522. Create Long Beach, A Recap
  523. You Can Help Create Long Beach
  524. More Is More: A Conversation with Robert Swayze
  525. PODCAST: Empty Storefront Hosts Art Gallery Opening Night
  526. Silent Classic With New, Live Soundtrack, Tonight!
  527. Poetry Swims with the Fishes
  528. Visions ~ Voices
  529. Reich's 18 by 18 Squared
  530. CSULB Dance Concert
  531. CSULB Faculty Artist Series: Cage & Johnson
  532. 2nd Annual Cherry Poppin Play Festival
  533. Interview With Robin Cox, Violinist & CSULB Instructor
  534. Schooled In Song: Say Yes!
  535. Must-See Concert Tonight
  536. Get Involved in Peace Week
  537. Arts Council and Library Foundation Collaborate
  538. Smithsonian Week Participants Needed - Deadline Today!
  539. Call for Actors: Auditions Tonight!
  540. Art Abounds Saturday
  541. Free Writers Workshops
  542. The Creativity Network Presents: Re-Imagining The Arts, One Year Later
  543. {open} Celebrates 5th Anniversary
  544. The Future Is Tandem: Dixon at DDR Projects
  545. First Fridays, Student Theater, Grants, and Dialogs
  546. Comedian Chelsea Handler On Stage Tonight
  547. Capturing Vulnerability: A Conversation with K.D. Lang
  548. soundDowntown Music and Arts Festival Tomorrow
  549. World Renowned Local Artists Storm LAMAG
  550. Prop 4 Re-Examined
  551. Bonds Are (Nearly Always) Bad
  552. Standing Behind Her Art: Local Novelist Lee Adams
  553. The Golden Sands Chorus This Saturday @ LBCC
  554. Students & Pro Dancers Raise Funds For Cambodian Bboys
  555. CSULB Theatre: Rediscover The Relevancy Of Hair
  556. ArtPEACE Hits The Ground Running
  557. Schooled In Song Rocks University By The Sea
  558. MOMENTUM: Innovative Mobile Art Exhibition At U-Sea
  559. Visual Literacy Artist Reception
  560. ArtPEACE Pre-Launch Events This Weekend
  561. 60 Artists Featured in Saturday's SoundWalk2008
  562. Free Outdoor Flamenco Festival Sunday
  563. Podcast: Musical Theatre West's Steven Glaudini
  564. Remembering GaGa
  565. Podcast: The Future of Arts Advocacy
  566. Open Call: Help Define Our City's Voice
  567. Pat West: Cultural Affairs Bureau Will Be A Part of Economic Development
  568. Join ArtPEACE Organizers Wednesday
  569. Images from Malawi Africa: Opening Reception Tonight
  570. Community Rallies to Buy Guitars for Local Students
  571. Summer Wine Festival @ daVinci
  572. International Quilt Festival Comes to Long Beach
  573. Strength & Vulnerability Reception @ 2CC
  574. Earn a Free Family Pass to LBMA
  575. Community Open House Celebrates Arts This Saturday
  576. Catastrophising Arts Funding
  577. Gallery Talk & Reception @ UAM this Saturday
  578. LB Chorale Holds Auditions
  579. A Musical Tapestry
  580. 10th Tour Des Artistes This Saturday
  581. Championship Energy: A Conversation With David Witham
  582. Eye on Design Student Public Art Exhibition
  583. Is More Always Better?
  584. 2nd City Council Annual Member Show Reception This Saturday
  585. Naples In Bloom
  586. Answering Criticism
  587. Arts Council Director Resigns
  588. Pride Parade: A Photo Essay
  589. Long Beach Opera Presents The Diary Of Anne Frank
  590. Arts Council Meetings May Have Violated CA Brown Act
  591. Free Workshop For Grant Writing Basics Tonight
  592. Long Beach Chorale presents “Garden Party”
  593. Culture Shock LA Presents "A Beautiful Struggle"
  594. Inaugural Cole Conservatory Festival At CSULB
  595. After 4 Attacks in East Village, LBPD Advises Caution
  596. Smooth's To Host Sneak Peak Of Documentary Exploring Race
  597. Arts Council Cuts Staff To Avoid Insolvency
  598. This Week: L.A. Harbor International Film Festival
  599. The Poem Will Save You: A Conversation With Raindog
  600. 2nd Saturday Art Walk This Weekend In East Village
  601. Subversive Furniture
  602. Former Wings Guitarist Laurence Juber To Perform
  603. Inside The Artist Studio
  604. Free Food For The Needy This Saturday
  605. Passport Shuttle Services Friday Farmer's Market
  606. Margie Darrow - Scultpural Performance Painter
  607. Whitey Littlefield Memorial
  608. Sounds Are Active @ {open}
  609. LBMA Seeks Volunteer Docents
  610. $16.4 Million Gift Will Create Bob Cole Conservatory Of Music
  611. CSULB College of the Arts: March Overview
  612. The Art of Intimidation: Podcast Featuring Artist Alex Lilly & Betsy Lohrer-Hall
  613. Shake & The Chantoosies - Photos & Music from diPiazza's
  614. Taking Risks
  615. Long Beach Musicians League Features Pradon @ The Puka Bar
  616. Photo Essay: The Year Zero
  617. Creativity Network Salon Tuesday @ Utopia
  618. "Journey To Black Mexico" Exhibit Opens
  619. Last Saturday on 4th Street
  620. Long Beach Representing at Winter NAMM 2008
  621. Museum Recap
  622. Connected Corridor: Possibilities in Long Beach
  623. Tuesday's Farmer's Market @ The World Trade Center
  624. This Week's Events
  625. Kamran Assadi: Utopian Aspirations
  626. Live H2O Festival This Weekend
  627. SAM Activates East Village Art Park Saturday