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Local media across the country is in trouble—and things only seem to be getting worse as communities continue to lose their already limited sources of factual, hyperlocal information. 

Local News Matters

Like many of you, we took no joy in reading the report this morning from the LA Business Journal tolling what could, in all likelihood, prove to be the death knell for Long Beach’s oldest newspaper.

A BIG Thank You

It’s been one week since we began asking you, our readers, to support the work of the Long Beach Post — and the response has been encouraging. But, if you haven’t contributed yet, we still need your help.

…And Readers Like You

It costs money to keep a local news organization like this one alive and we can’t rely on advertiser support alone. That’s why we’re asking readers like you to support our independent, fact-based journalism.

Make America a Friend Again

Visiting America has always been an experience of a life-time for Russian people—Vladimir Mayakovskiy, one of the most widely-known Russian poets of the 20th century, for instance, has published his diaries, called My Discovery of America.

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