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Hyperlocal news is an essential force in our democracy; for most of us, what happens at City Hall affects our day-to-day life far more directly than what happens at the White House or in Sacramento.

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Understanding what’s happening in our own city is vital to understanding what’s happening in the world at large. Grassroots movements start at the local level; global trends happen first in communities and neighborhoods just like ours.

That is why we believe that everyone should have access to important information about what is happening in their community, regardless of their circumstances.

But it costs money to keep a local news organization like this one alive and we can’t rely on advertiser support alone. That’s why we’re asking readers like you to support our independent, fact-based journalism. We know you like it—that’s why you’re here.

We know you care about being informed on what’s happening in our community. From our ongoing coverage of Long Beach’s affordable housing crisis to our award-winning collaborative series on the Digital Divide; from our in-depth reporting on local politics to our daily updates about crime, public health and public safety to our unparallelled coverage of the city’s rich culture scene, we’ve heard time and time again that you care about what we cover, and want more of it.

Across the country, local news outlets are being bought up by hedge fund-owned corporations with no ties to the community, consolidated and gutted; that’s why it’s crucial to support hyper-local news organizations like this one, and keep ownership and reporting local.

Your contribution to the Long Beach Post goes directly into maintaining and improving our coverage of the city we all love, by helping to pay the salaries of our journalists and editors who are putting in the work bringing you important, informative, insightful local news, day after day, and to expanding our newsroom so we can deepen our coverage of Long Beach.

We also have the support staff, constantly working to build and improve our modern, innovative journalism platform, paying our bills, and answering calls from readers like you.

In order to keep doing what we’re doing, and improve on it by expanding our newsroom to deepen our coverage of the city, we need your support.

If you can’t afford to give at this time, please continue reading and sharing the stories that matter to you. Our site will remain free, with no paywalls or limits to the number of articles you can read each month.

But if you are in a position to help, please think about what the daily news and information you find on the Long Beach Post is worth to you, and consider supporting us with a monthly or one-time contribution.

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From the entire Long Beach Post team, our sincerest thanks for your support.

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