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Local media across the country is in trouble—and things only seem to be getting worse as communities continue to lose their already limited sources of factual, hyperlocal information.

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Most recently, media conglomerate Tronc (formerly Tribune Publishing) announced Monday they were slashing the staff of the country’s oldest tabloid, the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Daily News in half, prompting outrage from readers and journalists alike.

Last month, we began an effort to greatly expand the size of the Long Beach Post, adding new journalists from a variety of backgrounds and specialties to our team. Along the way, we became the largest newsroom—by a factor of four—in the city.

As it has been for the past 11 years, the Post is still owned and operated right here in Long Beach, creating new journalism jobs in the city and expanding and deepening the kind of hyperlocal coverage you need to stay informed and engaged.

We’re working hard to build the kind of news source that not just you, our readers, deserve, but that people everywhere who believe in democracy, accountability and the power of the free press deserve.

When we say “local news matters,” we mean it. 

With a combined 130 years of experience, the Long Beach Post team is dedicated to covering more of Long Beach; more breaking news, more arts and culture, more politics, more urban development, more education, more business, more food, and more of what matters to you.

Even with that much knowledge and talent in our newsroom covering Long Beach on your behalf, we have never put any of our content behind a paywall or put limits on the number of free stories you can read each month.

However, we still rely on your support. 

If you are in a position to help, please think about what the hyperlocal news and information you find on the Long Beach Post seven days a week is worth to you, and consider supporting our work with a monthly or one-time contribution.

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