Long Beach, LA Lead California in Overall Prosperity—Except for Prosperity Amongst Middle Class, Low-Income Households

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Love data, reports, and rankings? Click here to scroll through our archive of all things data-driven. **** Photo by Brian Addison. Above: cranes loom over DTLB as construction for the Civic Center takes place.  Using six indicators as measurers—population, median income, home values,...

Trio of New Studies Show Low Income, Middle Class Are Vacating California While Wealthy Move In; Housing Costs to Blame

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To view our entire coverage on housing, click here. **** Graphics courtesy of Next 10. Photo by Brian Addison. Above: construction on a housing development at Broadway and Pacific takes shape. A trio of new studies conducted by Beacon...
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When a Condemned House in California Sells for $1.23M, We’re Choosing to Create a Rich Man’s Land & Prompt Displacement

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Interested in the affordable housing conversation? Click here for our full archives. **** Above: a photo of the condemned Fremont home that sold for over a million dollars in March of 2018. Perched on the façade of 3239 Bruce...

Free Public Talk Series Continues Jan. 11 with Discussion on Affordable Housing

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Photo by Brian Addison. Graphics by Baktaash Sorkhabi. Our free talk series, Emphasize, will continue hosting its public forums on Thursday, January 11 at 6:30PM when we tackle affordable housing with a discussion at the Art Theatre on Retro Row....
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The Severe Cognitive Dissonance With Which Long Beach NIMBYs Rail Against Housing

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Photo by Brian Addison. Above: a pedestrian overpass above the 22 Freeway entering East Long Beach. I think it’s time to stop using the word density. It’s not used correctly by the majority of media and it’s certainly not...
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How Long Beach & LA Families Are Bucking a Housing Crisis (and the American Tradition of Shaming Multi-Generational Households)

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Sitting around a table, sharing food, my friend Candice Estrada—her family from Ensenada—was talking about some idiosyncrasy of her family life when one line particularly stood out: “We used to have this huge house in Lynwood so a ton...

These Are the Affordable Housing Projects Coming Online in Long Beach

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Love looking at renderings of upcoming developments in the city? Click here for our full archive. **** Renderings courtesy of the City of Long Beach. As I noted before, we have to be frank, Long Beach: the Unaffordability Beast is...
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