Long Beach Needs This: Oakland’s Pedestrian Safety Czar

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Long Beach Needs This is a series that addresses two things: Long Beach’s infamous “Manhattanitis,” where our people tend to stick to all-things-Long-Beach while rarely stepping outside and two, highlights great accomplishments, spaces, restaurants, and ideas fostered by our worldly...

Long Beach Aims to Score $25M in Metro Grants for Improvement Projects Across City

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Out of 178 applications vying for Metro money, 84 of those are part of the preliminary staff recommendations that means their project could become a reality. Of those 84, ten projects are within the boundaries of Long Beach. The 2015...

Beach Streets Uptown 2015: Long Beach Ups the Ciclovía Game to New Heights

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Photos courtesy of Brian Addison. There was something about Beach Streets that was inherently different than its northern CicLAvia counterpart: community. CicLAvia becomes bombarded with mostly cyclists invading a typically-iconic stretch of road. It makes for a difficult walk...

City of Long Beach Applies for 3 CALTrans Grants to Improve West, North Areas

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The City of Long Beach has sent in their applications for CALTrans’ Active Transportation Program (ATP)—and the proposals are shaping up to be major infrastructural projects that cater to the West and North parts of Long Beach. Of the...