Housing Equity Analysis of Controversial Long Beach Land Use Element Widely Ignored; Claims ‘Public Health Concerns’ at Risk

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For our complete coverage on the Land Use Element, click here. **** Photo courtesy of Scott Varley. As the Long Beach City Council prepares for tonight’s council meeting that will determine the City’s proposed Land Use Element (LUE), an equity...

As Anti-LUE Coalition Amps Up Efforts Amidst Housing Crisis—Including Photoshopping Politicians for Sway—Long Beach Advocates to Bring Battle to City Council

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For our complete coverage on the Land Use Element, click here. **** It’s not just me who is disturbed by the anti-Land Use Element (LUE) coalition here in Long Beach, a small but mighty crew of largely older suburbanites that...
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As Suburbanites Insist on Little Future Development, Economic Report Shows Lack of Housing in Long Beach Could Spur Displacement, Gentrification

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For our complete coverage on housing, click here. **** Photo by Matt Mesin/SCNG. Charts courtesy of Beacon Economics. “It makes no sense to turn our suburbs into city centers, or flip our well-thought and designed single-family neighborhoods into apartments...
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Long Beach Hurdles over Politics and NIMBYs to Create a ‘New Model’ for Mental Health Advocacy

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Rendering courtesy of Mental Health America, Los Angeles. I’ll never forget the day when, in October of 2012, Long Beach resident Joe Sopo stood in front of the City Council and said this about a proposed mental health facility...
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The Severe Cognitive Dissonance With Which Long Beach NIMBYs Rail Against Housing

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Photo by Brian Addison. Above: a pedestrian overpass above the 22 Freeway entering East Long Beach. I think it’s time to stop using the word density. It’s not used correctly by the majority of media and it’s certainly not...
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NIMBYs Lose Minds, Fuel Misinformation About ‘Skyscrapers’ and ‘Gentrification’ After Long Beach Mildly Updates Land Use for Affluent Area

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Above: Southeast Area Specific Plan as updated by the City of Long Beach. Well, it’s taken well over a decade but the City finally updated the 40-year-old Southeast Area Development and Improvement Plan (SEADIP) and now call it the Southeast...
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NIMBYs Use Bad Photoshop Skills to Instill Fear Over Building Height Armageddon in Long Beach

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Altered photos courtesy of LBReport.com and, per their own description, “based on what the proposed maps indicate, but the images below are unofficial, not to scale, not proposed by the property owner and offered only to convey for discussion...
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Nonprofit Research Finds Excessive Parking Hinders Housing (and Increases Costs) in LA County

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Photo by Brian Addison. We’ve long discussed the issues with parking. Over and over. (Even one former NIMBY councilmember wanted to subsidize student parking because students were overflowing into their precious East Long Beach streets.) And on top of the evidence...