This Long Beach councilmember actually wants to talk bluntly about homelessness—including focusing on those teetering toward it and finding more ways to solve it

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Photo by Brian Addison. At least someone with the power to change was paying attention to an important document hidden within the nightmarish Land Use Element (LUE) conversation. Amidst NIMBY-ish screams and shouts, practically no one paid attention to an...
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Trio of New Studies Show Low Income, Middle Class Are Vacating California While Wealthy Move In; Housing Costs to Blame

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To view our entire coverage on housing, click here. **** Graphics courtesy of Next 10. Photo by Brian Addison. Above: construction on a housing development at Broadway and Pacific takes shape. A trio of new studies conducted by Beacon...
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The (Classist, Racist) History of Jaywalking—And Why Policing It Should Stop

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Love history? Click here for our full archives on the matter. **** Editor’s note: this article was updated on March 11, 2018, to reflect the case  Johnnie Jermaine Rush. There’s more to the word and law behind “jaywalking” than meets...
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Dec. 11: Long Beach’s Last Chance to Cheer Fear About LUE That Won’t Affect Those Complaining About It

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Enjoy opinion pieces? Click here for our entire archive of opinion-driven articles, quips, satire, snark, and much more. **** Photo courtesy of “Say No to Land Use Element” Facebook group page. The chance has come, Long Beachers, for us...
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Long Beach Hurdles over Politics and NIMBYs to Create a ‘New Model’ for Mental Health Advocacy

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Rendering courtesy of Mental Health America, Los Angeles. I’ll never forget the day when, in October of 2012, Long Beach resident Joe Sopo stood in front of the City Council and said this about a proposed mental health facility...
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