The (Classist, Racist) History of Jaywalking—And Why Policing It Should Stop

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Love history? Click here for our full archives on the matter. **** Editor’s note: this article was updated on March 11, 2018, to reflect the case  Johnnie Jermaine Rush. There’s more to the word and law behind “jaywalking” than meets...
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DTLB Adds Bar & Zip Code Crosswalk to Long Beach’s Collection of Creative Crossings

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Photo by Daniel Brezenoff. There’s been rainbows and piano keys and even tessellation artwork used to designate crosswalks throughout Long Beach. Well, the peeps over at Studio One Eleven have eschewed all of the above, opting for a cleaner, if...

Long Beach Needs This: Oakland’s Pedestrian Safety Czar

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Long Beach Needs This is a series that addresses two things: Long Beach’s infamous “Manhattanitis,” where our people tend to stick to all-things-Long-Beach while rarely stepping outside and two, highlights great accomplishments, spaces, restaurants, and ideas fostered by our worldly...

Long Beach’s Progressive Mobility Element Honored with Prestigious American Planning Association Award

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Photo courtesy of Lisa Beth Anderson. After six years of development and a few decades after its last update, the City of Long Beach’s “Long Beach 2030” Mobility Element (ME) earned an Award of Excellence by the Los Angeles Chapter...