Long Beach, LA Lead California in Overall Prosperity—Except for Prosperity Amongst Middle Class, Low-Income Households

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Love data, reports, and rankings? Click here to scroll through our archive of all things data-driven. **** Photo by Brian Addison. Above: cranes loom over DTLB as construction for the Civic Center takes place.  Using six indicators as measurers—population, median income, home values,...

Trio of New Studies Show Low Income, Middle Class Are Vacating California While Wealthy Move In; Housing Costs to Blame

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To view our entire coverage on housing, click here. **** Graphics courtesy of Next 10. Photo by Brian Addison. Above: construction on a housing development at Broadway and Pacific takes shape. A trio of new studies conducted by Beacon...

Housing Equity Analysis of Controversial Long Beach Land Use Element Widely Ignored; Claims ‘Public Health Concerns’ at Risk

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For our complete coverage on the Land Use Element, click here. **** Photo courtesy of Scott Varley. As the Long Beach City Council prepares for tonight’s council meeting that will determine the City’s proposed Land Use Element (LUE), an equity...

As Suburbanites Insist on Little Future Development, Economic Report Shows Lack of Housing in Long Beach Could Spur Displacement, Gentrification

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For our complete coverage on housing, click here. **** Photo by Matt Mesin/SCNG. Charts courtesy of Beacon Economics. “It makes no sense to turn our suburbs into city centers, or flip our well-thought and designed single-family neighborhoods into apartments...
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Long Beach’s Most Marginalized Neighborhoods Bear the Biggest Burden Environmentally

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Above: West Long Beach playground. Graphics by Baktaash Sorkhabi. Additional reporting by Alyssa Edwards. In 2013, the State of California’s Environmental Protection Agency first released CalEnviroScreen, a tool examining pollution burdens and social vulnerability for all of the state’s...
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Orange County Continues to Lead SoCal in Screwing Over Everyone Around It with 405 Freeway Expansion

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Just after plans to drill a hole through a mountain to extend the 710 were thankfully killed by the Metro Board last month, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) thought it was best to secure some $627M in federal...
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