As Long Beach Settles Lawsuit Over 405 Expansion, Future Residents Remain Screwed

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We should all have been happy when Long Beach sued Caltrans and the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) over the latter’s $1.7B project to expand the 405 Freeway from Route 73 in Costa Mesa until it hits the wonderful bottleneck nightmare...

Long Beach, Stop Screaming at What You Don’t Know—This Is Actually a Really Great Intersection

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Above: the new roundabout at 6th and Park. This, Long Beach, is a really great intersection at 6th and Park, appropriate for the neighborhood its in. It really wasn’t news for me. They’ve been doing this already—Vista and Ximeno...

Orange County Continues to Lead SoCal in Screwing Over Everyone Around It with 405 Freeway Expansion

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Just after plans to drill a hole through a mountain to extend the 710 were thankfully killed by the Metro Board last month, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) thought it was best to secure some $627M in federal...