After Plans Put on Shelves, Talks Return to Fix Long Beach’s Broadway Corridor

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Oh thank the gods, Long Beach is deciding to return the talks back to focusing on the rundown Broadway corridor, a street in dire need of better sidewalks, road repairs, and a desperate need to slow down traffic that...

Renderings Reveal Contemporary, Sleek Upgrades for Long Beach Waterfront Amenities

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Love looking at renderings of upcoming developments in the city? Click here for our full archive. **** Renderings courtesy of the City of Long Beach.  To see all the renderings, scroll through the gallery above. Following outreach meetings that began...

SteelCraft Isn’t just a Foodie Heaven in Long Beach; It Alters the Dynamic of LA Urban Design

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Photos by Baktaash Sorkhabi. Scroll through the gallery above. When it was announced that Bixby Knolls in Long Beach would be the home of SteelCraft—a foodie heaven made of shipping containers—no one really understood the impact of what was...