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Lucy Nguyen

lucy nguyenLucy is a graduating senior at Long Beach State, majoring in business marketing with a minor in political science, and even more impressively, serves as the President and CEO of the student government. She not only served as an advocate for everything from students’ rights to a defender of higher education, but steadfastly took on the peripheral aspect of college such as the development programming and services that cater to students beyond their academic needs. And at the age of 22, she oversaw a $15 million non-profit with over 70 full-time and 100 part-time employees.

She is also active in the California State Student Association (CSSA) for the past three years, one of the largest student advocacy groups in the nation. Most recently, she steered the committee that organized CSSA’s premier event, the California Higher Education Student Summit held in Sacramento. In its 17th year, the summit attracted over 250 student form the 23 CSU campuses and worked to empower students to become change agents for an accessible, affordable, and quality system of higher education for California. Her focus for this conference was also to integrate social media into the program so that they could bring increased awareness and interaction with CSSA.

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