Taking step by step—quite literally—throughout the 5th District with residents, Councilmember Gerrie Schipske found seventeen areas that were in dire need of infrastructure repair. Whether it was tree trimming and root pruning, damaged sidewalks in need of replacement, or deprecated irrigation systems, the walks proved fruitful in addressing infrastructural needs.

Emphasizing her inclusion of residents on her venture, Schipske said, “It was a year long process involving residents, and I think it’s important for residents to be involved in how the city spends their money.”

Following the walks, an online ranking system allowed residents to choose the top four most-needed projects out of the seventeen, resulting in the repairing of the following streets by Long Beach Public Works via recently unhinged oil revenues:

Barbanell Street (between Radnor Avenue and San Vicente Avenue)

Lifted gutters caused standing water to degrade the street, prompting a $228,936 facelift. To view map, click here.

Fanwood Avenue (between Woodruff Avenue and Faust Avenue)

With significant sidewalk and driveway damage due to the area’s large tree canopy and standing water issues similar to Barbanell, Fanwood will receive a $326,269 facelift. To view aerial map, click here; to view street level map, click here.

Lees Avenue (between Los Santos Drive and Stearns Street)

An outgrowth of ficus trees have resulted in severely damaged sidewalks, driveways, and gutters, with the street lifting 1.5 to 3 inches in some areas; a $266,089 facelift will be given to the area. To view street level map of current condition, click here.

Lanai Street & Rutgers Avenue

Standing water issues have resulted in broken pavement, curbs, and sidewalks, prompting a $20,175 repair. To view street level map, click here.

Of course, the work does not stop there, with fourteen additional areas in need of repair.

“As additional funds become available, we will continue working our way down the remaining list of streets and curbs that need fixing,” Schipske stated.