A man was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery after a woman was assaulted during the day while walking in Downtown, police said.

The woman was walking down Linden Avenue past Wabi Sabi Village Market when a man following behind her sped up and lifted her dress, a video of the incident posted to Reddit showed. She falls to the ground and the man backs away slightly before a bystander chases him away as he adjusted his pants.

Police said they responded to the scene on Friday, Oct. 20 just after 2 p.m., but the suspect had already fled. Hours later police said they located a suspect in the area of Atlantic Avenue and Broadway and arrested 30-year-old Miguel Avila, who is unhoused.

In addition to suspicion of sexual battery, Avila was booked for suspicion of theft of personal property related to an open warrant, Long Beach Police Department spokesperson Alyssa Baeza said.

Avila’s bail was set at $1,000 and the investigation is ongoing.