The Brass Lamp Set to Become Long Beach's First Book Bar

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Local Floral Artist Takes the Plunge, Brings a Fresh Approach to Botanical Creations

Long Beach always benefits when its creatively-inclined residents strike out on their own. Meet Brittany Sherman, a floral artist and future small business owner, who wants to take her talent for the art of the arrangement to the next level. As Long Beach Arts Month draws to a close, here's another artist worth knowing about.  


Honing His Craft: Noah Cowan of Aura Knifeworks

Aura Knifeworks, a company which designs and hand-makes custom fitted knives for professional chefs, started right here in Long Beach and is paving the way for creativity and a rejection of some outdated traditions in the culinary industry. Meet Noah Cowan, a Long Beach native and the founder and president of this bold and now-bustling small business.