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Survival of the Sweetest: Sweet Dixie Kitchen

Q: I’ve just recently gone through the 3rd and final name change for my business’s short six-month life. Before that, I was a popular caterer. The forced name change, coupled with a challenging location on 3rd/Elm in downtown Long Beach, is making it difficult for me to survive. We’re two blocks off of the cool stuff on Broadway. How do I overcome my location and lack of branding in growing my business? -Kimberly Sanchez, owner, Sweet Dixie Kitchen


Balford Brings Slice of Jamaica to 4th Street

An artist from Montego Bay, Jamaica has carved his own niche in the eclectic 4th Street scene: Balford, owner of Slice of Jamaica, is a woodcarver who can often be seen creating his distinctive work outside his shop.


Derby Gal Rolls Relocated Skate Shop into Thriving Bixby Knolls District

The in your face colors are just part of the roller derby culture that has been reinvigorated by the reformation of the city‘s all-female league earlier this year. The new location of what was formerly Long Beach Roller Skate, however, is something that shop owner, Natalie McPherson, hopes will help grow her business and infuse the city with enthusiasm for not just skating, but just plain old being active.