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Drought Affects Long Beach Restaurants' Ability to Buy Beef

The cost of 100% grassfed ground beef—the beef served at the Bixby Knolls gastropub The Factory—has gone up 50% over the past two months. The lack of rain in California has drastically diminished grazing land, causing the restaurant’s rancher, Jay Shipman of J&J Grassfed Beef, a California operated small family business, to make dramatic changes to his business model in order to sustain probability.


Cutthroat Cocktail Pits Long Beach's Best Cocktail Crafters Against One Another

Sip LBC week isn't just about the drinks themselves but also about the art of crafting cocktails. Enter Cutthroat Cocktail tomorrow evening, the libation-centered competition which mimics the famed Kitchen version on television and aims to put some of Long Beach’s best beverage connoisseurs to the test. For the foodies obsessed with all-things-grub on TV, Chef Rahm Fama, host of Food Network’s Meat & Potatoes, will serve as emcee.


Your Guide to Sip LBC Week

It’s time, Long Beach, to show your love and appreciation for the men and women who work tirelessly behind our favorite spot—the bar—in order to quench our thirst with delicious, inventive and downright glorious liquid concoctions. It is the inaugural SIP LBC Week and we have your guide to some of the best drinks in town.