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City of Long Beach's Disaster Protocols and Future Improvements To Be Examined For September Public Briefing

Days before the hosting of a town hall meeting focused on the recent power outages and its effects on residents and businesses, the Long Beach City Council requested that city staff provide a public briefing detailing the city’s current protocols, including departmental roles during emergencies and the uses of technology to better inform the public during future crises.


Long Beach City Council To Consider Using Budget Surplus, Reserves to Fund Courthouse Demolition

Facing the perplexing issue of where it will find the money necessary for the demolition of the old county courthouse, City Director of Financial Management John Gross proposed Tuesday that the city council approve a “down payment” from the 2015 budget surplus to get the project moving, with the potential to borrow the remainder from the city’s reserves.


In Long Beach City Council's Initial Budget Meeting, Few Questions Raised In Advance Of Community Discussions

Budget season is officially underway at City Hall, as members of the city staff and Mayor Robert Garcia officially presented the proposals for the 2016 fiscal year budget to the city council during a hearing Tuesday afternoon. The initial hearing precedes a series of individual departmental presentations, which will transpire over the next month and will more closely detail the funds set aside for all city services.