Remains of Victorian-Style Home Found in Roof of Koffee Pot Cafe

Remains of Victorian-Style Home Found in Roof of Koffee Pot Cafe

It was once considered a public nuisance and earmarked for demolition by the city if its owners didn’t rehabilitate the structure that was deemed “substandard” for its landmark designation by Long Beach. However, a revitalization effort spearheaded by the historic preservation nonprofit organization We Are The Next (NEXT) to perk up the Koffee Pot Cafe’s percolator-shaped building has yielded a surprising discovery.


After Oakland Fails to Deliver Stadium Plan, Congresswoman Janice Hahn Voices Support for Raiders' Move to Carson

The prospects that the National Football League might return to Southern California seemed to ratchet up a notch Wednesday after the city of Oakland announced that it would not meet the deadline set by the league for a stadium financing plan to be submitted, increasing the possibility that the team could return to the Los Angeles area.


Lawsuit Seeking Riverwalk Project Injunction Filed Against City of Long Beach

A lawsuit demanding an injunction against all project approvals and actions related to The Riverwalk residential development project passed by the Long Beach City Council last month was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, alleging that the environmental impact report (EIR) was insufficient and does not comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


With Infrastructure Costs Mounting, Long Beach Faces $212 Million Annual Funding Shortfall

The infrastructure in the City of Long Beach is slowly deteriorating and the city lacks the funds to keep pace with its rate of decay. It’s expected that over the next decade over $2 billion in funding is needed to bring streets, buildings and other city properties back into proper operating order, but at the current funding level, the city finds itself with a funding deficit of $212 million annually.