We Don't Have to Tear It Down: Long Beach's Forgotten (and Cheaper) Civic Center Option

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OP-ED: Building a Better Downtown Long Beach

Downtowns—like it or not—are epicenters for cities on a multitude of levels: they are (or at least should be) economic powerhouses that provide jobs, housing, entertainment, and cultural assets. After all, half the world’s population lives in formal cities that account for 80% of the GDP. In this sense, as urban planner and economic developer John Karras pointed out, successful downtowns are about growth and diversity—not just growth.


PEOPLE POST: Council Should Pass Housing Element as Is

We can’t afford to cripple Downtown’s opportunity to become a thriving waterfront city that is considered a destination location for visitors and a great place to live for our residents... I ask our fellow residents to share their opinions with elected officials and urge the City Council to approve the Housing Element as recommended by the city staff without modification.